Greater comfort during early osteoarthritis therapy

The new generation of the GenuTrain A3 knee support

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 27.10.2023

The GenuTrain A3 helps patients with osteoarthritis of the knee to stay active from an early stage. The compression support is now available in a new enhanced design. Its knit fabric, stays and pad offer added comfort in movement therapy for good compliance during long-term treatment.

Pleasantly soft, simple to fit

The heavily textured high-low knit of the new GenuTrain A3 fits perfectly and also features silicon dots on the upper edge of the support for secure positioning even with less firm connective tissue. The fabric weave is softer than for other GenuTrain supports. For patients with osteoarthritis of the knee who are often sensitive to pressure due to their age, it offers the necessary medical compression that is pleasant for them to wear. The support is particularly soft behind the knee. The familiar expansion zone in the knit at the calf and new ergonomically shaped donning aids at the top of the side stays for a more secure grip make it easier to put on and take off.

Targeted relief for pain following exercise

The new two-component pad of the GenuTrain A3 has three prominent friction points in which two materials with different degrees of firmness are integrated in order to transfer various activating stimuli into the tissue and muscles during movement:
The new Hoffa spots take effect below the kneecap on the infrapatellar fat pad, which is involved in anti-inflammatory immune responses and acts as the central regulator for pain and stability sensation in the knee. Another pressure massage point on the pad takes effect on the front joint space on the inside of the knee and helps to reduce pain following exercise in the medial capsular ligament area. Most patients with osteoarthritis of the knee experience pain there.
During movement, the large nubbed friction zones of the A3 pad primarily stimulate the teardrop muscle for neuromuscular joint stabilization, as well as the tibial edge near the often irritated pes anserinus for further pain relief.

Aids for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee

In Germany, the GenuTrain A3 is listed in the Statutory Health Insurance Medical Aids Directory as a knee support for soft tissue compression with additional functional elements under the identifier For further information please contact the Bauerfeind field sales team in Germany, Customer service for supports and orthoses as well as the Bauerfeind Aid App.

Physicians and medical retailer based outside of Germany can obtain information from their local Bauerfeind sales team or Bauerfeind’s International Customer Service.

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