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Compression stockings/ Venous disorders

“Compression stockings are my most important tool”

Standard cases in phlebological care

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Compression stockings/ Ulcus Cruris Venosum/ Venous disorders

“Skin changes on the lower leg must be taken seriously”

Severe cases in phlebological care

Compression stockings/ Venous disorders

Thinking in terms of solutions

Compression garments and customer loyalty

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

An ideal match

Post-operative follow-up care with CoxaTrain

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

Returning to a normal life with less acute pain

CoxaTrain for work and play

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

“The range of non-surgical hip treatment has been expanded”

Osteoarthritis study proves effectiveness of CoxaTrain brace

Arthrosis/ Supports

“The support helps patients return to daily activities faster”

GenuTrain after joint replacement

Meniscus tear/ Supports

Wrestling with time

Meniscus tear treated with GenuTrain

Orthosis/ Sports injuries/ Supports

Acute care is crucial

Returning to sports in orthopedics

Knee pain/ Orthosis/ Sports injuries/ Supports

Knee strain in competitive skiing

Swiss-Ski races with Bauerfeind

Measurement technology

Offering advice and support for our medical retail partners

Measurement Technology Customer Service

Back Pain/ Orthosis/ Supports

“We are giving people what they need”

Prevention for the back

Cruciate ligament rupture/ Supports

Surgery is only the first step

Using GenuTrain following cruciate ligament reconstruction

Foot orthoses/ Foot problems

“A central element”

TRIactive: Treatment with foot orthoses following foot surgery

Back Pain/ Orthosis

Restoring mobility more quickly

Using braces after spine surgery

Compression stockings/ Lymph and lipedema

“We all have the same goal”

Lymphological treatment