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New color system for the VenoTrain standard product range

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.03.2018

“When things get too colorful , you have to show your true colors,” Swiss author Josef Imbach once observed. And the VenoTrain standard range of compression stockings will be uniting to show its true colors in future. The color range has been completely revamped and is now already available for VenoTrain look, the stocking with a gloss effect , and VenoTrain micro, the stocking with a high microfiber content for a sense of wellbeing.

Bauerfeind is standardizing its color range of VenoTrain compression stockings for mild to moderate vein problems in a process that will be complete by the end of 2018. VenoTrain look and VenoTrain micro are already available in the new colors.
For VenoTrain soft , the true all-rounder for men and women complete with a massage effect , and VenoTrain business, the knee-high stocking with an understated business look, the switch will be made in the coming months. VenoTrain impuls, the stocking for advanced vein problems, will also be included in the new color scheme by early 2019.

Clear system

There will be four consistent standard colors for all five stocking types: caramel , black, navy, and anthracite. The two best-selling products – VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain soft – will also be available in three additional standard colors: the pale skin tone cream, the darker skin tone amaretto, and the warm brown tone espresso. And of course, both of these stockings will also continue to be available in two fashion colors, which change annually and are released in February each year. At the moment , it is the popular Bordeaux, a bright red , and Denim, a fresh shade of blue, which are enhancing the color range.

A “refreshing makeover” for the colors

When it came to selecting the range of colors, the Bauerfeind development team got together with designers and marketing experts, and also asked medical retailers about their experiences and their customers’ needs. “Less is more” was one of the findings of this process. With three skin tones and four dark standard colors for the VenoTrain micro and soft , which go well with any outfit , Bauerfeind is focusing on the essentials. For the new color concept , the individual color tones were put under the microscope too. As well as seeking advice from design experts, the development team presented various shades to medical retailers, among other things, from the Netherlands, and held detailed discussions with them over the “right” color. The outcome is that all colors in the VenoTrain standard range have been updated and now have a fresh new look.

Easier decision for VenoTrain customers

For the medical retailer, the standardized color concept offers a number of advantages. One is that stock-keeping will be easier. Much more importantly, however, the clear system will mean that specialist sales staff no longer have to think about which stocking is available in which color when advising customers. And of course, a standardized color range also makes the decision easier for the customer. And there’s another plus point: in future, there will no longer be a link between the decision to opt for a particular color and the type of stocking selected. For example, both the VenoTrain look stocking with gloss effect for the early stages of vein problems and the VenoTrain soft for more pronounced vein problems will be available in understated anthracite in future. If customers have a favorite color, they can therefore stick with this color, even if they need a stocking with a higher level of compression in future.

Images: Bauerfeind

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