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Netball talent Claire O’Brien “I’m eager to play again”

Claire O’Brien literally fighting
her way back – one of the components
of her recovery and fitness program.

Australian Claire O’Brien has been playing netball since she was eight years old. The team sport is similar to basketball and is mainly played by girls and women. It is especially popular in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and South Africa. Netball is even an official national sport in Namibia.

In June 2018, Claire O’Brien ruptured her Achilles tendon while playing only her second season for the renowned New South Wales Swifts. “The recovery process was pretty hard. The worst thing was the thought of not being able to get on the court for months,” explains the now 22-year old netball player. After surgery, Claire O’Brien had to carefully increase strain again and rebuild muscle. In December 2018, she wore the AchilloTrain active support for the first time: “It helped me a lot. Not only because it provided great stabilization and gave more confidence. At first , my Achilles tendon used to swell up at the end of the day. This got much better thanks to the support’s compression.” Meanwhile, Claire O’Brien received a contract with the Swifts as a training partner for 2019, and she hopes to be able to score points for her team again soon.


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