Simplified adjustment and donning

Modified SecuTec Genu knee orthosis

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 30.10.2016

Story Check The SecuTec Genu hard-frame orthosis is based on convincing functional solutions that support the post-operative and conservative treatment of cruciate ligament, collateral ligament, and meniscus injuries.

  • The hinges of the knee orthosis can be adjusted without tools.
  • Six standard straps, and frames that can be combined regardless of size, ensure a perfect fit, while
  • quick-fit fasteners make it easy to put on and take off the orthosis in just a few simple steps.

The revised version of the SecuTec Genu has been available since September. With new functional solutions, the hard-frame orthosis cleverly simplifies post-operative and non-surgical treatment of cruciate ligament , collateral ligament and meniscus injuries, from adjustment to donning and removal. It’s now adjustable without the need for tools, can be better adapted to the patient , and is lighter and flatter.

Hinges can be adjusted without tools

No accessories are required to adjust the hinges of the new SecuTec Genu. The cover is opened and closed with a quarter turn of the retractable closure. Flexion and extension wedges, which are easy to insert , limit the hinge’s movement. Particularly practical during treatment: Physicians, therapists, and technicians can look at the outside to read the limit that has been set on the hinge.

A better fit

The sixth strap on the thigh provided as standard and the new height-adjustable calf strap ensure an improved fit. They support the reliable prevention of incorrect movements based on the 4-point principle. In order to guarantee an ideal fit to as many knee patients as possible, the frames for the thigh and lower leg can be combined, independent of size.

The quick-fit fasteners on the outside are also new. Using these fasteners, the patient can attach the SecuTec Genu to the knee in a few simple steps and remove it again later. Once set up, the fasteners ensure that the orthosis fits correctly when it is put on again. On the inside, the overall profile of the orthosis is especially flat , so that the patient can move comfortably with it at all times.

Lighter, flatter, softer, and more colorful

In addition to the flatter design and improved fit , other great highlights include its noticeably lighter weight and new comfortable and hygienic microfiber pad on the frame. The new SecuTec Genu is available in a subtle navy blue and sporty green as a campaign color.

Ebenfalls neu: werkzeugfreie und ablesbare Limitierungen.
Ebenfalls neu: werkzeugfreie und ablesbare Limitierungen.
Ebenfalls neu: werkzeugfreie und ablesbare Limitierungen.

Pictures: Bauerfeind

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