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Modern measurement technology in the provision of medical aids

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.07.2016

Bauerfeind offers its medical retail partners a wide range of innovative measurement systems so that they can provide individual treatment with compression stockings, supports and foot orthoses that is tailored to each patient’s needs. After all , patients can only benefit from the optimum therapeutic effect of a product if it fits perfectly. life gives an overview of the various systems and hears from a satisfied user of Bodytronic 600.

Beatriz Camós, Managing Director of Ortopedia Grau Soler in Barcelona.
Beatriz Camós, Managing Director of Ortopedia Grau Soler in Barcelona.

“When Bauerfeind Spain demonstrated the Bodytronic 600 measurement system to us four years ago, we immediately recognized that it would be a valuable tool for us in what was then still a relatively new branch of treatment with compression stockings,” says Beatriz Camós, Managing Director of Ortopedia Grau Soler in Barcelona, Spain. The primary focus of the long-established company, which is now in its fourth generation, is on manufacturing and adapting prostheses and orthoses. However, the treatment of patients with phlebological and lymphological disorders has seen steady growth in recent years, with this area now making up around ten percent of sales. “We had already worked with digital measurement systems in other divisions of the company, so it made sense to opt for this modern technology here too,” says Beatriz Camós.

Quality that can be measured – and made to measure

The BODYTRONIC 600 measurement system makes it possible to quickly and precisely measure the leg all the way up to the hip, including the knee and ankle. By the end of the year, the system will also be able to take non-contact measurements of the upper body without any need for special measurement clothing.
“Bodytronic 600 delivers data that can be accurately reproduced, ruling out sources of human error from the start – even when simply transferring the measurement data to the measurement sheet ,” explains the Managing Director of Ortopedia Grau Soler, talking about one of the many benefits of the system. Moreover measuring by hand takes a lot longer. Bodytronic uses the data obtained to calculate circumference and length measurements as well as volume. Circumference and length measurements form the basis for selecting a product from the Bauerfeind online shop, where the product configuration tool suggests the best size. The medical retailer can decide between a custom-made solution or a standard product depending on the proportions of the patient‘s body. The retailer then goes through the online configuration tool with the customer to define all the other product features, such as the compression class, color and pattern of a compression stocking. “This really adds value,” says Beatriz Camós.

Before/after comparison possible

Used by Ortopedia Grau Soler, mainly to measure compression stockings: the Bodytronic 600.
Used by Ortopedia Grau Soler, mainly to measure compression stockings: the Bodytronic 600.

“We mainly use Bodytronic 600 to measure patients for compression stockings,” explains Beatriz Camós. “But the measurement system also functions as a marketing tool. For example, it appeals to athletes who have sustained a sports injury that has resulted in muscle atrophy. The measurement results can give them objective information about circumference and volume measurements before and after the rehabilitation process. In the field of plastic surgery too, Bodytronic 600 can provide interesting comparative data before and after liposuction.” At Ortopedia Grau Soler, both patients and usually also the treating physician are informed of the measurement results.
The modular software concept means that other Bauerfeind measurement systems can easily be connected and operated via common software. The recorded data is available to be used at any time for advice, cost estimates and internal and external quality management. “Our customers are usually surprised by the modern technology to begin with, but they end up being very enthusiastic about it. We’ve installed a TV screen that is connected to the measurement system so that customers can follow the measurement process in real time.” Beatriz Camós is pleased with the results: “It’s very popular,” she says.
For medical retailers who just want to take measurements for compression stockings, Bodytronic 400 is a simple and practical solution. The somewhat smaller system also measures the body in a non-contact process that does not require any special measurement clothing, providing a precise 3D image of the legs right up to the waist. Here too, the measurement data can be transmitted to the Bauerfeind online shop to aid with product selection. Bodytronic 400 is also available with or without a foot scanner.

Leg health can be measured

Bodytronic 200 is the perfect tool for campaigns being held during special events, for instance, as well as for use by medical supply retailers on their premises. The measurement system uses light reflection rheography (LRR), a non-invasive hemodynamic procedure that can detect vein problems before they become outwardly visible – all without any pain or side effects. To do this, Bodytronic 200 uses an infrared sensor, positioned above the inside of the ankle, to wirelessly measure how quickly the veins refill with blood after this has been pumped out by means of a specific movement sequence. The results obtained and the physician’s analysis of them provide a basis for taking the necessary therapeutic measures in good time. As well as supporting early detection of vein problems, the software can be used to show progress by taking several measurements at different times, making it possible, for example, to monitor function both before and after an invasive procedure is performed on the venous system.

Precision-perfect relief with foot orthoses

The Rothballer TouchPoint: foot scanner and PC column in a single space-saving unit.
The Rothballer TouchPoint: foot scanner and PC column in a single space-saving unit.

Bauerfeind works with its partners Rothballer and T&T medilogic to support medical supply retailers in providing treatment with foot orthoses by offering a range of digital measurement systems that can record the specific load distribution of the feet. This allows orthotists to adapt orthopedic orthoses precisely to suit individual requirements and provide precision-perfect relief.
The Rothballer foot scanner – available in a basic or high-speed version – measures static foot topography for rapid digital mapping of the sole. It is suited to both stationary and mobile operation. The Rothballer TouchPoint is an elegant all-in-one foot scanner solution for use in store. It combines the Rothballer foot scanner, which is integrated in a functional housing unit , with a touch PC on an upright stand with LED lighting. The scanner and PC column are separate from one another and can be moved around as desired, which is particularly useful in small spaces.

Medilogic foot pressure measurement

A classic in the world of orthopedics: the medilogic pressure plate.
A classic in the world of orthopedics: the medilogic pressure plate.

The medilogic pressure plate is already a classic in the world of orthopedics. It allows both static and dynamic measurement of the individual load distribution of the feet and can be used to determine how pressure is distributed below the foot , the body’s center of gravity, and the heel-to-toe movement. The measurement values are transmitted to the PC via a wired or wireless connection and appear right on the screen. The pressure distribution is depicted as an easy-to-understand colored isobar diagram or a three-dimensional pressure plot , so it doesn’t take an expert to identify problem areas straight away. Displaying the results in this way also makes it easier to convince the patient of the need for treatment. The medilogic pressure plate is lightweight but hard-wearing, making it simple to use for a wide range of applications.

No cumbersome cable connections

Dynamic inner shoe measurement with the medilogic WLAN insole is the perfect complement to the medilogic pressure plate. The measurement data is transmitted rapidly via WLAN, enabling pressure values to be displayed immediately during the measurement process. At the same time, the data is recorded in the internal memory, which features a powerful battery to allow for long measurement times. The sensors scan at frequencies of up to 400 Hz, which enables the recording of even the brief load peaks that can occur during very rapid movements.
The ultra-thin and flexible medilogic WLAN insoles can be customized for use in all manner of situations, from sports applications to treatment with orthopedic and custom-made shoes. What’s more, the data from an imprint foam scan with Bodytronic 600, a foot scan with the Rothballer scanner, and a medilogic foot pressure measurement can all be imported into the web application Bodytronic ID:CAM. Bodytronic ID:CAM by Bauerfeind allows orthotists to model individual foot orthoses that can then be milled by Bauerfeind.

Precise measurement , tailor-made product selection, and configuration

Whether for foot orthoses or compression stockings, digital measurement systems are an indispensable tool for orthotists and medical supply retailers. Precise measurement data forms the basis for high-quality provision of medical aids, while the visual representation of the measurement results makes it easier to communicate with customers and the time saved thanks to the digital measurement process can be used for giving advice instead. This is a real win-win situation for business and customers! Beatriz Camós, Managing Director of Ortopedia Grau Soler, agrees: “I couldn’t imagine what our trade would be like without modern measurement technology. We have also come to appreciate Bodytronic 600 in particular as a feature that sets us apart from the crowd and gives us an edge over our competitors. The system is a real image boost.”

Overview of the measurement systems

Pictures: Ortopedia Grau Soler, Bauerfeind

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