The mission to defend his title

Swiss wrestling king Matthias Glarner

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Bauerfeind Switzerland supports testimonial Matthias Glarner on his mission to defend his title.

Matthias Glarner, the reigning Swiss wrestling king, fell 12 meters from the roof of a cableway during a photo shoot in June 2017. With a ruptured pelvic girdle, several fractures of the ankle with numerous bone fragments and a collateral ligament lesion of the knee, his wrestling career seemed to be over. But through great discipline and hard training, Matthias Glarner fought his way back into the Swiss national sport , a version of wrestling. The MalleoTrain S ankle support and the GenuTrain knee support also helped him achieve this. “Bauerfeind was there for me from the very beginning – with products that made it possible for me to start rehab training quickly,” the 33-year-old says. After a ten-month injury break, “Mätthel” crowned his comeback with a victory at Klubschwinget in Interlaken in 2018. That made the subsequent setback even harder: bone fragments in his left ankle joint made more surgery in August 2018 inevitable. Since February 2019, the Swiss wrestler has been back in the sawdust. His major goal is to defend his title at the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival from August 23 to 25 in Zug.

You can find out more about Matthias Glarner’s rehab process at

Images: Remo Neuhaus

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