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Story Check Dr. Gary Wexler and Dr. Scott Norris of the Palm Beach Orthopedic Institute (PBOI) in Florida and Bauerfeind USA meet in Zeulenroda to talk about the treatment of knee conditions with orthopedic bracing.

  • Bauerfeind Braces made in Germany are held in high esteem in the U.S. because of their quality.
  • GenuTrain S and GenuTrain S Pro provide reliable stabilization that promotes natural movement while offering support.
  • The relieving GenuTrain OA is a promising new option for non-surgical treatment of active patients suffering from mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis.
  • For U.S. patients a brace must improve their condition significantly, and it is just as important that it looks good.

Tennis, golfing, running, and surfing – everybody is eager to join in. However, those suffering from medical conditions or injuries are unable to fully partake in the American way of life. Bauerfeind braces „Made in Germany“ have an excellent reputation as effective solutions to promote recovery and get patients back on track.

In orthopedic practice patient expectations can be difficult to manage: Dr. Gary Wexler and Dr. Scott Norris of the Palm Beach Orthopedic Institute (PBOI) in Florida were invited by Bauerfeind USA to visit Zeulenroda in Germany for a collaborative workshop. The American doctors shared a case in treating a highly gifted soccer player, potentially the next Hope Solo, who had overstretched her collateral ligament in a match. She was devastated to learn the unthinkable had actually happened: her knee no longer functioned the way it should and her career was in peril. “It was impossible to calm her down,” says Dr. Wexler. “All she cared about was for us to do something, to give her back her knee!” But how do you treat an injured patient whose life revolves around physical performance? With years of experience and access to high-quality Bauerfeind braces, the PBOI specialists developed a treatment plan.

Promoting movement: GenuTrain S/S Pro

Dr. Scott Norris from Palm Beach Orthopedic Institute (left) and Warren Colter, CEO Bauerfeind USA.

In English-speaking countries, the collective term “braces” is widely used to refer to orthopedic supports and orthoses. Because of their comfort , low-profile design, and effective relief for patients in pain, Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain S and GenuTrain S Pro have an excellent reputation at PBOI. Doctors Norris and Wexler say they use GenuTrain S Pro for a wide range of indications: From instabilities caused by ligament and menisci trauma to mild and moderate osteoarthritis. The physicians also value attractive, low-profile, and lightweight medical devices that fit their patients’ active lifestyles. “With the lateral joint splints, there’s no need to compromise when it comes to stability, GenuTrain S Pro has it all ,” Dr. Wexler explains. For osteoarthritis patients, increased stability does not only provide added security, but also pain relief. Stabilization of the knee provided by GenuTrain S and GenuTrain S Pro promotes relief and makes users functional again. Dr. Norris points out that this, combined with wearing comfort , drives compliance and positive patient outcomes.

Quality and comfort , “Made in Germany”

Both GenuTrain S and GenuTrain S Pro stabilize the knee and guide its natural movements. A knitted sleeve provides medical-grade compression to enhance proprioception and joint control. This, combined with the mechanical support of non-elastic straps and upright joint splints, delivers the ultimate benefit for the patient. As an additional therapeutic measure, the flexion and extension angles of the knee can be limited with the GenuTrain S Pro. “Breathable and machine-washable materials are welcomed by American patients, particularly in the hot and humid sunshine state of Florida,” says Warren Colter, CEO, Bauerfeind USA. “People really value the ‘Made in Germany’ quality seal of approval.”

“The look of braces is extremely important. Nobody in the U.S. is going to wear something bulky and unattractive.“
(Dr. Scott Norris)

The pressure-relieving GenuTrain OA orthosis.

New GenuTrain OA

In Zeulenroda, where Bauerfeind is headquartered, and where the climate is much cooler, the visitors from overseas take another close look at these products. They gather in front of a row of knee mannequins sporting the Bauerfeind brace line. It goes without saying that the workhorse GenuTrain S Pro is among these products. One of the forms is concealed by a drape. There is silence in the room as the cover is removed. This is the first-look at the brand new GenuTrain OA of the U.S. team. The first people in the room to hold the product in their hands are Dr. Norris and Dr. Wexler. They scan the black and blue knitted fabric with their fingers. The newly-developed knee orthosis for osteoarthritis is a true eye-catcher, every detail has a lightweight , sporty, and functionally sophisticated appearance. After a few seconds, Dr. Norris gives his first assessment. “I like the design. The look of braces is extremely important. Nobody in the U.S. is going to wear something bulky and unattractive. Patients want to identify with the product and to focus on the prospect of being active again.” His colleague Dr. Wexler thinks that the GenuTrain OA might close a gap in treatment options for knee osteoarthritis patients who wish to stay active and for whom surgery is not an option – or not yet an option.

Combining non-surgical treatment measures

Dr. Norris goes on to explain that 80 percent of all people over 65 in developed countries are affected by arthritis. Treating this condition is everyday working life at PBOI. With 17 physicians, 15 of which are orthopedic surgeons, the clinic receives about 1,000 calls a day and treats 7,000 patients every month across four locations. Among these patients are people like the young soccer player, who are experiencing knee instability due to sports injuries. However, the majority of patients are older and suffering from osteoarthritis. In addition to a joint replacement to treat advanced forms of the condition, a range of non-surgical measures aiming to preserve the joint have proven successful at PBOI. Combinations of these measures are frequently used: ice therapy, pain medication, injections, physical therapy, lifestyle changes and – last but not least – bracing.

“GenuTrain OA might be able to fill a supply gap for active patients for whom an operation is not appropriate.”
(Dr. Scott Norris)

Osteoarthritis bracing

Knee and shoulder expert Dr. Gary Wexler from the Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute (PBOI).

GenuTrain S and GenuTrain S Pro are available for treating mild to moderate cases of osteoarthritis with instabilities. The GenuTrain A3 is ideal for relieving pain in cases of mild osteoarthritis where there are no signs of knee instability. Featuring a special pad with nubbed friction zones, it massages typical pain spots during movement and simultaneously activates the joint-stabilizing muscles. For moderate to severe osteoarthritis that is associated with pronounced leg misalignments, it is targeted relief of one compartment that is needed, rather than of the entire joint , in order to relieve pain and consequently have a stabilizing effect. The SecuTec OA hard-frame orthosis helps in this case. It gently relieves medial or lateral osteoarthritis in accordance with the 3-point principle as pressure is applied via the lower leg and it also has a stabilizing effect in accordance with the 4-point principle.

New option for active osteoarthritis patients

GenuTrain OA is a new option for conservative treatment. The orthosis targets the treatment area between GenuTrain S/S Pro and SecuTec OA. If the focus is on targeted relief for mild to moderate osteoarthritis, this offers active patients plenty of freedom of movement. The single-jointed knee orthosis combines an elastic 3D knitted mesh with an innovative relief and stabilizing system: tension is applied to guided relief straps in a double figure-eight loop along with a splint that is applied laterally or medially, and a pad that is positioned on one side of the kneecap. In the new GenuTrain OA a 3D knitted knee sleeve provides compression which works together with a unique bracing system designed to create an unloading effect. Pressure is redistributed to open up the joint space medially or laterally based on the 3-point principle. One of the biggest advantages of the new GenuTrain OA is the innovative Boa Fit System which enables patients to adjust the level of tension and therefore the intensity of the relief.

Time is money

Periods of inability to work due to health issues are becoming ever more expensive. In the U.S., insurance coverage for healthcare, including medical devices, is an issue that is highly complex for everyone involved. Orthopedic surgeons in particular are expected to work much more efficiently,” says Dr. Norris. Of course everyone would like to regain 100 percent of their abilities, however patient expectations vary. “Some people are happy with a treatment success of 80 percent , while others want to be even better than before their injuries.” And what about the young soccer player with the collateral ligament injury? Following appropriate immediate action, the physicians at PBOI prescribed bracing with the
GenuTrain S Pro, which was effective in getting her back on the field pursuing her dreams and talents.

Visiting Zeulenroda (from left): Scott Norris (D.O., PBOI), Zach Johnson (President , Ortho Focus, LLC), Scott Borjeson (Vice President HCP Marketing & Sales, Bauerfeind USA), Warren Colter (CEO, Bauerfeind USA), Gary Wexler (MD, PBOI).

Images: Andreas Wetzel

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