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Individual treatment using Spinova Osteo “Patients must want to wear it”

Issue 03/2020

The Lenk siblings have been running the orthopedics supplier with the same name in Meissen, Germany, for more than ten years. ‘Informing, explaining, engaging’ is their motto when providing medical aids. The Spinova Osteo goes perfectly with their patient-focused approach.

life: Why is informing, explaining, engaging so important?

Stefan Lenk: Patients can only use a medical aid correctly if they understand it. In order to explain everything step by step and make testing possible in a trusting atmosphere, we use large, bright rooms with mirrors that are large enough for family members to accompany the patient. By engaging everyone involved, we achieve their understanding based on transparency – for the good of the patient. For us, instructing patients in the use of medical aids is not only a formal requirement. It is a meaningful, integral part of the individual adjustment process, and it helps with follow-up appointments.

What are the benefits associated with the use of Spinova Osteo as a straightening orthosis?

Ulrike Lenk: Patients, in particular with age-related conditions of the musculoskeletal system, such as muscular insufficiencies or osteoporosis, often suffer from feeling unsteady. Selecting the appropriate product in these cases will decide how successful treatment will be. The Spinova Osteo is lightweight, comfortable to wear and easy to adapt to the individual patient. And it quickly provides a feeling of confidence.
Stefan Lenk: Patients at risk of osteoporosis are often trapped in a disastrous cycle: they are not very active because they feel unsteady or because they are in pain. Muscles atrophy, so they feel even more unsteady, and the risk of falling increases rapidly. The orthosis can break this vicious cycle.

What helps patients to wear their Spinova Osteo every day?

Ulrike Lenk: If there is no therapy, we often see patients quickly reverting to their old postural habits during everyday activities. The Spinova Osteo’s reminder effect is the perfect help in this case. Of course, there is always the question: what will a patient accept? Patients must want to wear the orthosis. And they need to know why they want to wear it. Like Edeltraut Pfützner, who wants to finally conquer the steps in front of her door without a walker so she can rediscover her surroundings.


Image: Thomas Lebie

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