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GenuTrain S in Brazil

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Story Check Dr. Marcelo Filardi from São Paulo trusts in the stability of the GenuTrain S.

  • The orthopedic specialist uses this support to treat collateral ligament lesions in the knee.
  • The quality of the GenuTrain S has created confidence in the physician.
  • Several products to choose from for one joint, as provided by the GenuTrain product family, allow for targeted treatment.

In cases of collateral ligament injuries in the knee, the orthopedic specialist Dr. Marcelo Filardi from São Paulo relies on the ­GenuTrain S support. He values the quality of the Bauerfeind brand, which also enjoys an excellent reputation in the South East of Brazil.

The Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo has not only devoted itself to the memory of the great physicist. The hospital’s accomplishments are also among the best – in the medical field. There, in one of the most prestigious hospitals in Latin America, in one of the biggest cities in the world, Dr. Marcelo Filardi practices medicine. His orthopedic expertise is demanded by many patients who, like him, are physically active. Patients very often see the orthopedist because of ligament injuries in the knee.

The splint and strap design provides stability for the knee

“I like using the GenuTrain S for lesions in the medial or lateral collateral ligament ,” Dr. Filardi explains. “The support offers my patients comfortable stability and allows them to return to physical activities, usually without restrictions. It’s also suitable for prevention,” according to the physician. The GenuTrain S is equipped with lateral joint splints and supports the knee joint in cases of mild instability, arthritis or osteoarthritis. The splint and strap design of the support provides stability for the knee. The interaction of the knitted fabric and the ring-shaped pad that surrounds the kneecap results in an intermittent compression massage that promotes healing. This activates the muscles and supports the regeneration process.

Several products for each joint

Dr. Filardi became aware of the GenuTrain S via Bauerfeind’s local representative in São Paulo quite some time ago. But the huge Bauerfeind flagship store wasn’t opened in the mega city until March 2018. “Everyone praises the store’s service and products,” the orthopedic specialist explains. “It has a great reputation.” While customers can experience the entire product portfolio’s compelling quality in the store, the physician appreciates the comprehensive product range for his purposes: “There are several products for each joint which can be useful in different cases. That means I can treat specific types of injuries effectively.” Something else is important to Dr. Filardi: “I trust the quality of the brand.”
As an example of the quality of Bauerfeind supports, the physician highlights the knitted fabric of the GenuTrain S. “If I had to choose the most important aspect , it would be this material property: the combination of firmness, robustness, and comfort is unique. My patients also trust this extremely comfortable wearing sensation.”

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