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“My own mobility can be expressed once again”

GenuTrain OA after a knee injury

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Story Check Since suffering a knee injury, Silvia Rettenmaier has been working consistently to mitigate long-term effects. She is assisted by training sessions with her trusted physiotherapist and recently by the new GenuTrain OA, which she discovered in a wearing test proposed by her physiotherapist.

  • With the GenuTrain OA, the occupational therapist is able to sit in the saddle, ride, and guide her therapy horse with secure footing and no pain.
  • The relieving effect of the orthosis also offsets her slight axial misalignment.
  • Wearing the orthosis for two to three hours a day has proven beneficial for her.

German occupational therapist and equestrian Silvia Rettenmaier understands that mobility is a highly individual matter. Even for her. After an early knee injury, she was “supported” – rather than “shaped” – by the relief of the GenuTrain OA orthosis.

Silvia Retten­maier, occupational therapist.

A misstep in younger years. The competitive athlete tried to kick a ball from her opponent’s hands with a “giant leap”. It went horribly wrong. The direct consequences were meniscus and medial collateral ligament injuries, as well as a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament. Silvia Rettenmaier still feels the indirect effects today: instability, periodic swelling, pain. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It comes and goes. “Like the waves of life,” she says with a laugh. The occupational therapist , who also offers a wilderness school for women and courses for girls on the road to womanhood, sits on the red-and-white upholstered bench in her kitchen, relaxed. Horses graze on the hill behind the window, not far from the Mummelsee Lake.

Radiance – inward and outward

Her condition was significantly improved by special training sessions focusing on the affected ligaments and muscles, which were offered by her physiotherapist Steffen Wiemann (Trimedic health center, Karlsruhe, Germany). Of course, Silvia Rettenmaier’s own professionally trained physical awareness also deservers mention. As does her recent trial period wearing an orthosis. After introducing the new GenuTrain OA, she achieved astounding results in a very short time: “It is unbelievable how well the orthosis provides mobility and stability without exerting any noticeable pressure,” is how the patient described the feeling of wearing the orthosis. “In other orthoses, I felt like I was squeezed in. But with this orthosis, my own mobility can be expressed once again.” Our manner of walking and ability to balance are some of the most personal qualities we possess. Silvia Rettenmaier is convinced of this fact. The way a person moves says a lot about him or her. “Once this individual mobility is restored, I have a new radiance that is evident both inwardly and outwardly.”

“It is unbelievable how well the orthosis provides mobility and stability without exerting any noticeable pressure.”
(Silvia Rettenmaier)

With the GenuTrain OA, the therapist is able to get back in the saddle without complaints. And when she leads her horse Hjarrandi along the steep hills of the Black Forest with a patient , her step feels secure thanks to the orthosis. “I am so glad that the orthosis allows me to continue working. It just fits perfectly. And the axial position is improved, since it offsets my slight misalignment and relieves the inner side of my knee joint.”
An intermittent wearing period of two to three hours a day was beneficial for Silvia Rettenmaier. “In the interim phases, I can allow the lingering effect of the orthosis to unfold to a certain extent and feel my own self again. It’s a great feeling.”

Images: Udo Schönewald

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