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Comfort sizes prove to be very popular with customers


From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.10.2017

In October 2016, Bauerfeind extended the GenuTrain sizing system by five Comfort sizes. This means that patients with conical leg shapes can now also benefit from perfectly fitting knee supports without any waiting times, explains Lauren Calderone from the Canadian medical supply retailer Kintec. As much as one quarter of her GenuTrain customers needs standard sizes with the extended thigh measurements.

Lauren Calderone, Kintec medical supply retailer, Vancouver branch.
Lauren Calderone, Kintec medical supply retailer, Vancouver branch.

The Comfort sizes are particularly popular with patients who have a larger thigh circumference and are looking for a comfortable option that fits accurately. The medical supply retailer’s initial experiences with this range confirm just that. “We introduced the Comfort sizes to our program in May 2017, and they already account for 25 per cent of our GenuTrain sales,” says Lauren Calderone, who manages the Vancouver branch of the Canadian medical supply retailer Kintec. “Bauerfeind found a brilliant solution for this niche that we hadn’t been able to fill with standard sizes before.”
With patient measurements found more frequently between the eight standard sizes, this makes day-to-day care much easier. “Customers who we have treated with Comfort sizes are primarily patients with more pronounced thigh muscles, compared to their calf muscles,” Lauren Calderone goes on to say. “They may also be patients who have a lot of soft tissue in the area of the thigh.”

Quick tailor-made care

In the branch manager’s opinion, if a support doesn’t fit properly, and custom-made treatment is too expensive or time-consuming, a lot of customers would tend to decide against knee supports. “Not many of these would have left on the same day with a knee support before Comfort sizes were introduced,” emphasizes Lauren Calderone. “Now we are able to treat customers with the GenuTrain who would have shied away from a custom-made solution for money or time reasons – despite the medical benefits.”

The GenuTrain standard size system

Images: Bauerfeind, Kintec

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