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Full-body scanner Bodytronic 610 Quick and easy to install

Issue 03/2019

The full-body 3D scanner Bodytronic 610 measurements of the upper body and lower body can be taken to create aids. A service technician from Bauerfeind needs less than half a day to install the measurement system on site – for instance, here at Nüsse Orthopädie-Technik GmbH in Göttingen, Germany.

Whether compression pantyhose, VenoTrain soft arm sleeve or an EpiTrain elbow support – Bodytronic 610 and the connected Bauerfeind online shop make it easy to take precise measurements for, configure and order products. For medical retailers, it is also
easy to set up the measurement system. A technician from Bauerfeind will take care of everything – in less than half a day on site, depending on the circumstances. A free area measuring 1.80 meters long, 0.9 meters wide and two meters high should be available for setup. In addition, a distance of 20 centimeters from other devices or walls is required, particularly in the area of the rotating unit , to ensure measurement without disruption. The measuring station should be well lit. After installation, qualified personnel will receive brief initial instructions. Thorough training is provided in a follow-up meeting so that the specific individual requirements can be addressed in detail. Of course, the service team for measurement technology is available to assist at any time in the future, whether for technical problems or questions about software. This allows medical supply retailers to give their full attention to what’s important: optimal advice and treatment for their customers.

Bauerfeind technician Jens Nowald discusses where to position the system in the room with Alexander Biebermann (right), managing director of Nüsse Orthopädie-Technik GmbH.

Installing the turntable: To ensure a smooth measurement process, the platform must be stable and in a level and horizontal position.

Everything in balance? The tower with sensor units is attached and precisely configured.

The final installation tasks: the electronics and computer are securely covered.

After preparing the system for operation and testing it for accuracy, the technician carries out extensive test measurements to check the system’s functionality.

Alexander Biebermann signs the acceptance report. This contains a checklist which the technician used to review all the necessary steps.

At the end, the expert advisers receive brief instructions about how to operate the full-body scanner.

Now the system is ready for use: Bodytronic 610 can measure the upper body and lower body.

Further Information

For further information about Bodytronic 610, please send an e-mail to the measurement technology service team:

Images: Dirk Opitz

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