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“Some people never take them off again“

Flexible postoperative care

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 06.07.2016

Neurosurgeon Dr. Thomas Benz and his team perform some 700 operations per year at the Spine Center in the Friedrichshafen Clinic on Lake Constance, Germany. Many patients are given Spinova orthoses after surgery.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Thomas Benz, Friedrichshafen, Germany.
Neurosurgeon Dr. Thomas Benz, Friedrichshafen, Germany.

How does Spinova help you?
Dr. Benz: Our intervertebral disk patients wear Spinova Unload Plus after surgery – usually for three weeks. The bridging frame of the orthosis reduces lordosis in the lumbar spine and also lowers the strain it’s subjected to. Some patients never want to take the orthosis off again because they feel secure in it. We actually recommend that they wear it when hiking or working in the garden. The option to remove parts of the orthosis makes it easy for patients to gradually regain their mobility.

What’s the most important thing about Spinova in your opinion?
Dr. Benz: The tensioning strap system enables individualized treatments. The system meets the demands associated with flexibility and good adaptability, and I can also use it with different types of patients, including spondylodesis patients, who need to remain completely immobile. Spinova Immo Plus is the product of choice in the latter case. However, it doesn’t really matter whether or not I’m satisfied with the orthosis; the important thing is that the patients are satisfied, and my patients like the modern materials and the fact that the orthosis is easy to put on. Besides that , Spinova also looks good!

Pictures: Conny Kurz

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