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Fashion Colors 2023

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.03.2023

In order to brighten up everyday therapy life, Bauerfeind has expanded its range of compression stockings with the two trendy Fashion Colors “Wild Berry” and “Deep Petrol” – now also available for VenoTrain impuls. Michelle Schaub, Head of Phlebology Product Management, answered three of our questions on this expansion.

life: How are the Fashion Colors chosen for a new season?

Michelle Schaub: We first conduct professional research on current color trends. Then we have a look which of those colors are suitable to be worn by our customers. For us, it’s important to offer colors that look good when worn on the legs – or that make the legs look good, if you will. I think “Wild Berry” and “Deep Petrol” really meet this requirement and get you in the mood for spring and getting active.

How do Fashion Colors and enjoying an active life go together?

Michelle Schaub: In addition to the fashion aspect, our Fashion Colors are designed to introduce a little more lightness into patients’ compression therapy. If you feel good wearing a compression product, you are probably more motivated to go outside, show yourself to the world, get active. And that’s how our Fashion Colors fit perfectly into our current “A carefree start to spring” campaign. Whether mild or advanced vein problems, nobody has to do without colorful legs because in 2023, both Fashion Colors are available in three circular knit versions

That’s standard for VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain soft. Which other products are now available in the new colors? What was the decisive reason?

Michelle Schaub: VenoTrain soft S and VenoTrain impuls can also be selected in “Wild Berry” or “Deep Petrol”. With VenoTrain impuls, we’re including a stocking that we recommend for conditions from pronounced varicose veins to early lymphedema and for healed ulcerations, meaning advanced vein problems. For patients with these indications, compression stockings are an essential part of everyday life. We think these patients, in particular, should also have the opportunity to add a little color and lightness to their treatment.

Images: Bauerfeind

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