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From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.03.2023

The new “VenoTrain curaflow strong” compression stocking supports the treatment of lymphedema and lipedema patients who have either very soft or hardened connective tissue. It complements the “VenoTrain curaflow” flat knit range.

When lymphedema or lipedema becomes manifest, it permanently changes the skin’s connective tissue: the interstitial fluid and the substances and proteins dissolved in it are no longer removed properly, meaning they will accumulate. Proteins promote the growth of fibrocytes that convert proteins into connective tissue. This leads to progressive tissue hardening. It is equally possible that, in the presence of low protein levels, the tissue remains very soft and shows hardly any fibroses.
For the treatment of severe cases like these using compression products, the garments must exhibit a particularly high stiffness. This offers the required resistance and reliably prevents the edema from progressing.

Indication-specific functional characteristics

The “VenoTrain curaflow strong” is a very firm flat-knit compression stocking. This means it remains smooth around the leg, does not enter skin folds and can therefore be worn also when excess tissue is present and to bridge extreme circumferential differences. During movement in particular, the stocking exerts an increased working pressure, i.e. an increased compressive effect, by applying very high resistance against the legs’ muscle work with its firm knitted fabric. The structure on the inside of the knitted fabric creates delicate drainage channels to support lymph transport with longitudinal massage.

Additional comfort

For patients, the “VenoTrain curaflow strong” combines noticeably strong compression with pleasant wearing comfort: on the outside, the knit feels soft but keeps its properties even where subjected to excessive friction during movement. The flat sensitive stitching prevents red marks, particularly around the feet. The new compression stocking is available in compression classes 2 or 3 as well as in different designs for the legs, including thigh-high stockings. Patients can choose from cream, caramel, navy, anthracite, black, bordeaux, royal, ocean and coral.
“VenoTrain curaflow strong” is currently only available in Germany.

Image: Bauerfeind

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