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Story Check When using the Bodytronic measurement technology, H.P. Schmidbauer Orthopädie Schuhtechnik in Kaufbeuren, Germany, benefits from comprehensive services and support provided by Bauerfeind.

  • Professional installation and commissioning with in-depth initial training
  • Regular software updates, first and second level support as well as a remote maintenance option
  • Marketing support, including individualized advertising templates, posters and information brochures

How business potential can be opened up using digital measurement technology is demonstrated by H.P. Schmidbauer Orthopädie Schuhtechnik in Kaufbeuren, Germany. The crucial factor: the diverse service and support options offered by Bauerfeind.

For master orthopedic shoemaker Hans-Peter Schmidbauer, Bauerfeind’s digital measurement technology and its marketing is a core element for a successful business.

We are a small and very exclusive medical supply retailer,” Hans-Peter Schmidbauer, master orthopedic shoemaker, of H.P. Schmidbauer Orthopädie Schuhtechnik in Kaufbeuren proudly explains. “Our particular strengths lie in extensive, personal consultation as well as the high quality and precise fit of our products.” Founded in 1904, the company has been resolutely relying on digital measurement technology for six years to achieve this. In September 2019, the medical retailer switched to the Bodytronic 610 full-body scanner. “Commissioning the new system went without difficulty,” says Hans-Peter Schmidbauer, who runs the traditional company in its third generation. After set-up and installation, initial training was provided by the Bauerfeind service technician. He helped Hans-Peter Schmidbauer and his employees familiarize themselves in detail with the new system. Of course, the team benefited from the training and the experience gained with the previous system, Bodytronic 600.
During ongoing operation, Schmidbauer Orthopädie Schuhtechnik will be supported by qualified Bauerfeind field sales staff. The First Level Support is at hand for quick help, such as for error messages during the measurement of a patient. Hotline contacts are available daily from 8 am to 5 pm. At the same time, Bodytronic 610 can be connected with Bauerfeind experts via remote maintenance. They access the system at the same time as the user to answer software questions or resolve faults.
The Second Level Support offers direct on-site help. A Bauerfeind service technician will visit the medical retailer to service the system or solve problems. “It’s reassuring to know that we can get help at any time. Up to now, however, we haven’t needed the support much because the system works practically fault-free,” Hans-Peter Schmidbauer explains. In addition, the development team regularly updates the software – to include user feedback as well. Product Management and Service roll out the free software updates. They ensure that the functional scope of the measurement technology continues to expand.

Extended treatment area

In practice, Bodytronic 610 offers the medical retailer and its customers numerous specific benefits: “With the new full-body scanner, we’re significantly expanding our measurement and treatment areas. We can now, for example, carry out measurements for wrist and elbow supports as well ,” Hans-Peter Schmidbauer reports. “The biggest advantage is the precise, very quick and contactless measurement. This is particularly pleasant for our customers. Plus, we can avoid any kind of storage because right after the measurement , we order the product online, and it arrives two days later here at the store. That’s simply unbeatable. It saves a lot of time – which we can make good use of in our consultations.”
The owner and his three employees carry out around ten measurements per day, mainly for compression stocking treatment. For custom-made solutions, in particular, the presentation of the measurement data, which is automatic, is a great advantage: “We submit the documentation to health insurance providers and payers. They accept it as proof that a made-to-measure product is required, without further ado,” the master orthopedic shoemaker highlights.

Targeted marketing support

All customers who are treated by H.P. Schmidbauer Orthopädie Schuhtechnik receive an information folder. “It contains, for example, current Bauerfeind product and patient brochures,” Hans-Peter Schmidbauer explains. A lot of marketing and communication material is available to advertise the measurement technology to patients. This includes posters, roll-ups, store window displays and textile banners as well as decals and wraps for doors and cars. Promotional days such as “Easy sales boost using measurement technology” are also helpful for awareness. They are organized in cooperation with the relevant field sales agent. “We are using personalized advertisement templates and run them in our local press,” the owner adds. “The response is huge. Our new scanner is being talked about widely.” And that more than pays off: “Thanks to Bodytronic, we were able to increase our sales by more than 300 per cent in the area of compression stockings alone. At the same time, we’re getting extra business, from orthopedic shoes and foot orthoses, for example,” the owner summarizes. “Bodytronic 610 has become an indispensable component of our everyday orthopedic and technical work. We can’t imagine our business without the measurement system.”

Further informations

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