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“There’s a very good response”

Deutsche Post AG

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 11.07.2019

Story Check Bauerfeind supports Deutsche Post, for example, in the Würzburg area, with its occupational health management.

  • Since 2018, Bauerfeind has carried out foot pressure measurements as well as gait and walking analyses in various postal branches.
  • After consultation with the company physician, ErgoPad work:h, for example, is recommended, if treatment with foot orthoses is required.
  • Orthotist supply of the product is taken care of by local Bauerfeind quality partners.

Bauerfeind has been supporting Deutsche Post AG in occupational health management since 2018. Bauerfeind life spoke to Heinrich Wilhelm from workplace social counseling and with trainee Alexandra Plehn at the
Deutsche Post Brief Würzburg branch about the cooperation.

Bauerfeind life: How does Bauerfeind contribute to the orthopedic (foot) care of your employees?

Heinrich Wilhelm: Since 2018, Bauerfeind has carried out foot pressure measurements as well as gait and walking analyses here during our annual health days. These support both the orthopedic care of our mailmen and mailwomen and our employees in the letter and parcel sorting centers. As a major partner, Bauerfeind has the capacities to really include all the employees in the orthopedic care. For instance, it was possible for Bauerfeind to carry out the screening and analyses during the late shifts and night shifts too, without any ifs and buts.
Alexandra Plehn: Building on these services, we have offered completely new, extended services for occupational health management in the form of all-round care for our colleagues with Bauerfeind since the end of 2018. This includes a short introduction to the topic, digital back screening, digital foot pressure measurement and digital vein screening.

“But experience shows that the majority completely accepts the recommendations and also acts on them.”

Alexandra Plehn

How do the employees respond to the services?

Heinrich Wilhelm: There’s a very good response! All the services are offered outside normal working hours, and participation is on a voluntary basis. We can promote the employees’ health in a targeted manner with the services and thereby also minimize corresponding periods of absence. At the same time, the high level of acceptance of the services also shows the employees’ great willingness to actively do something for their own health and, for example, to get foot orthoses for their safety shoes.

How is the provision of foot orthoses for safety shoes typically carried out?

Heinrich Wilhelm: Beforehand, the orthopedic consultations must be conducted, which we offer together with our company physician Dr. Birgit Renner. During these, the employees are examined in detail from an orthopedic perspective by the Bauerfeind occupational health management team and given individual advice. Recommendations are subsequently made, for example for treatment with the ErgoPad work:h foot orthoses by Bauerfeind. This foot orthosis is particularly suitable, since it protects the wearer perfectly, and as a design-tested foot orthosis, it is also compatible with common safety shoes. The actual provision is carried out by orthotists in the region, depending on the employees’ home town.
Alexandra Plehn: It is their own responsibility to what extent the employees then actually follow the recommendation and act on it at the orthopedic footwear technology company of their choice. But experience shows that the majority completely accepts the recommendations and also acts on them.

Images: Deutsche Post AG/Maria Zieger, Conny Kurz, Bauerfeind

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