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High working pressure for advanced vein problems

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 03.07.2024

In short In cases of advanced vein problems, Sanitätshaus o.t.n medical supply retailer in Neumünster and its branches supply the short-stretch VenoTrain impuls compression stocking, for example.

  • The VenoTrain impuls exerts high working pressure and an increased massage effect on the tissue.
  • The high microfiber content of the medical compression stocking makes donning of the product easier and promotes increased repelling of moisture to ensure a pleasant wearing sensation.

A compression stocking exerts high pressure on the deep veins even with little muscle tension. Patients suffering from pronounced venous insufficiency benefit from the comfort of the versatile VenoTrain impuls. At Sanitätshaus Orthopädietechnik Nord (o.t.n) medical supply retailer in Neumünster, Germany, they know exactly what role the material plays.

Above the treadmill and the video cameras, trophies and medals adorn the long wall of o.t.n’s gait analysis lab. “We’re a company that has committed itself to the mission of movement,” Dr. Marco Weingarten declares. At the moment, however, the sports scientist sits at the big meeting table at the headquarters of the medical supply retailer in Neumünster, employing around 100 staff in eight branches. The message to customers and employees on the walls fits the discussion topic: causes and treatment options in cases of advanced vein problems. In the complex course of venous disorders which can drag on for long periods, (lack of) movement may just be one of many factors that can be influenced but certainly not the least significant. “Little movement means less strong muscles and less than ideal connective tissue,” Dr. Weingarten explains. “Both impact the performance of the calf muscle pump and therefore of vein function, which needs more and more support.” His approach is based on material characteristics: “Patients need powerful compression products because physical prerequisites have weakened, primarily from sitting down too much. The solution is available at medical retailers. We now have different types of compression materials at our disposal for treating advanced vein problems compared with years ago.”

Stephanie Freitag, Product Expert at Orthopädietechnik Nord (o.t.n).

Easy donning and doffing of the product promotes compliance

Stephanie Freitag knows from her everyday work what different product characteristics are all about. The o.t.n product expert consults customers with pronounced vein weakness caused by chronic venous insufficiency, for example. The spectrum ranges from varicose veins with skin abnormalities to follow-up treatment of healed ulcers. If the patient has a corresponding prescription, Stephanie Freitag usually recommends short-stretch elastic compression stockings: for example the VenoTrain impuls. This circular-knit stocking is made of highly durable knitted fabric. Its elastic properties have a considerable advantage for treatment compliance: convenient, quick donning of the product. “Once it’s put on, the fit barely has to be adjusted,” Stephanie Freitag reports. “Patients with tender skin appreciate the quick donning of the product in particular.” Another characteristic of the stocking, which also promotes compliance according to the product consultant, is its high content of breathable microfibers. “Increased heat transport and accelerated repelling of moisture make wearing this stocking more pleasant during the summer. You simply don’t sweat so much,” Stephanie Freitag confirms.

Low resting pressure, high working pressure

The short-stretch elastic knitted fabric is a decisive factor for effective treatment: with even the slightest muscle movements, the VenoTrain impuls generates high working pressure. This refers to the pressure set against the leg during muscle contraction. Thanks to anatomical adjustments to the shape, it exerts an additional massage effect. Depending on the elastic properties of the material, which is also known as stiffness, this additional effect can be greater or less. The more short-stretch the material, the greater the massage effect exerted on the tissue.

Sports Scientist Dr. Marco Weingarten.

Good consultation requires time

Before the medical compression stocking can exert its effectiveness, Stephanie Freitag believes that it is important to clarify a few key issues with her customers: “Which comorbidities exist? What’s the general condition of the leg? What do the feet and the nails look like? Have there been any recent changes? What’s the patient’s current lifestyle like? After all, you will be supporting customers with venous disorders for many years,” Stephanie Freitag explains. “During a consultation, I always look at and feel the patient’s skin. That’s really important. It can be very thin and transparent. I always recommend ointments or creams for skin care. Dry skin is a major issue in cases of vein problems and when wearing compression stockings. Once these aspects have been clarified, we’ll choose the stocking. The prescription may have to be changed or revised. All that usually takes up a lot of time. But it’s well spent if it means selecting the appropriate product. And that’s absolutely necessary for treatment compliance. Every case is different.”

Easy Heel and pantyhose in standard sizes

The VenoTrain impuls compression stocking is now also available as pantyhose in standard sizes. All versions now also feature an Easy Heel, a particularly generously sized heel that makes donning and doffing of the product simple.

Images: Bauerfeind, Stefan Volk

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