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Customized provision of medical aids holds the key to better compliance

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Personalized medicine is the buzzword these days and also one of the most innovative fields of medical research. The idea here is to offer patients more targeted and successful care through the use of customized medical treatments. This makes sense, since every person is unique and has their own individual physical characteristics and needs. When it comes to the provision of medical aids, successful customized treatment is made possible by the ability to ensure a perfect fit , which is very important in terms of medical effectiveness and patient compliance. Bauerfeind understands that patients who are different from one another also have different needs, which is why the company utilizes an extremely fine-tuned system of standard sizes and supplemental made-to-measure compression stockings and supports, as well as highly adaptable knee orthoses. With its innovative measurement technology, Bauerfeind also makes it easier for medical retailers to precisely calculate relevant body dimensions in order to achieve the best possible fit , and thus get the most out of the product in question.

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