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Custom-made supports for elbows, knees and ankles

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Story Check Bauerfeind also offers custom-made supports for knees, ankles, and elbows in order to accommodate individual patient anatomies.

  • Made-to-measure product versions are available for the four knee supports GenuTrain, GenuTrain S, GenuTrain S Pro, and GenuTrain P3 (now available as an exact equivalent of the current standard product).
  • EpiTrain and MalleoTrain are offered as custom-made products for elbows and knees.
  • All custom-made supports can be delivered to any location in Germany and are shipped within two business days after the order has been received, unless there’s a weekend in between.

Medical aids can only be 100-percent effective if they fit properly. Along with its finely differentiated standard size system, Bauerfeind therefore also offers custom-made active supports for elbows, knees, and ankles.

A tapered arm contour, particularly pronounced thigh muscles, or a body that’s rather tall or short – some people have difficulty finding the right joint support among the standard sizes. However, if a medical aid doesn’t fit properly, it will be uncomfortable to wear. What’s more, an improperly fitting medical aid will reduce treatment effectiveness because such poor fitting will make it impossible to utilize the maximum contact area for compression. In other words, an improperly fitting medical aid means less patient compliance and less successful treatment.
Bauerfeind therefore offers many custom-made Train supports for patients who cannot be given an optimal fit with standard sizes. Such patients benefit from Bauerfeind’s knitting expertise. Here, the three-dimensional Train active knit is adapted to fit the patient’s individual anatomy in order to ensure the effectiveness of the compression therapy. To this end, many measurement are taken and put into relation with one another. This ensures that the support remains securely in position during movement and that the compression knit and the viscoelastic pads can achieve their maximum effect.

Four specialists for the knee

Bauerfeind offers a very extensive range of customized supports for people suffering from knee pain. The portfolio here consists of the custom-made products GenuTrain, GenuTrain S, GenuTrain S Pro, and GenuTrain P3. GenuTrain – the original classic – stabilizes and relieves the knee when it’s irritated or slightly unstable. Five circumference measurements are needed for the custom-made variant. The length of the support can be freely varied in accordance with the minimum circumferences and distances.
A total of six circumference measurements and the associated distances are needed to produce custom-made GenuTrain S, S Pro, and P3 supports, which can be ordered in two lengths (short and long). Selection of the short/long version depends on the individual measurements of the patient. The long version is recommended for patients with a height of 1.80 meters or more. GenuTrain S and GenuTrain S Pro provide support in cases involving mild to moderate instability, mild gonarthrosis, and meniscus injuries. These products use lateral joint splints and straps to enhance the stabilization of the knee.
GenuTrain S Pro also offers the option of a movement limitation feature. GenuTrain P3 helps relieve kneecap pain and keeps the kneecap in its physiologically correct path.
All four custom-made knee supports can also be equipped with a silicone dotted top band for the thigh, which ensures that the support fits securely if the leg has a pronounced tapered shape or if the connective tissue in the thigh is very soft , for example. The Bauerfeind customer service team is happy to assist medical retailers during the ordering process.

GenuTrain P3 redesigned

The custom-made GenuTrain P3 was given a new knit design in October: the support for patella patients now also has the muscle-relaxing pad and the same soft , anatomically shaped compression knit found in the current generation of standard supports. With the help of its individually adjustable corrective strap, the patella pad, and the muscle-relaxing pad at the outer thigh, GenuTrain P3 protects the kneecap against lateral drifting or tilting. The support’s pads and 3D flat knit create therapeutic intermittent compression during movement. The support relieves pain and has a positive effect on sensorimotor functions, thereby ensuring active stabilization of the knee joint.

Custom-made supports for elbows and ankles

The MalleoTrain ankle support and the EpiTrain elbow support (without a strap) are also available in custom-made variants. The length of the support can be freely varied in accordance with the recommendations for minimum circumferences and distances. The use of EpiTrain with a silicone dotted band on the upper arm is a good option for patients with a tapered arm contour or very soft connective tissue. If the positions of the ankle bones deviate greatly from the norm, two additional measuring points for the anatomically shaped pads at the inner and outer malleolus are calculated for custom-made MalleoTrain supports.
With the exception of the GenuTrain S and GenuTrain S Pro knee supports (available in titanium only), all custom-made supports mentioned above are available in the colors titanium or natural.
Regardless of how a support is ordered (see box below), a plausibility check to ensure quality is always conducted using the transferred measurements before the support is actually manufactured. Knitting to measure takes two working days, which means that “ordered today, dispatched in two days at the latest” applies.

Made-to-measure ordering

Measurement sheets can be ordered as printed blocks from the supports and orthoses customer service team, or else can be downloaded at the applicable product site using the “Technical details” tab. Medical retailers can send their
completed measurement sheets via e-mail to customer service.

Images: Bauerfeind

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