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From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 09.11.2022

In short The innovative CoxaTrain hip orthosis supports walking thanks to its pain-relieving effect. With Sanitätshaus employee Evelin Weiß and Jörg Roßkopf, coach of the German national table tennis team, two active hip patients report on their wearing experiences

One reason for CoxaTrain’s good compliance is its wide range of applications in non-surgical therapy. The flexibility of the hip brace and its effects is demonstrated by the wearing reports of two different patients – both of whom love to be active.

Evelin Weiß works at the Pirna medical retail store of ‘Orthopädie- und Rehatechnik Dresden’. The osteoarthritis patient and expert sales clerk at a medical retail store has been wearing the CoxaTrain since August 2021. As a result, not only her pain symptoms but also her gait pattern have improved, allowing her to do her job well and delay surgery for longer, which is important to her.

“I got my life back”

Evelin Weiß, Expert Sales Clerk at a medical supply retailer
At the OTWorld trade fair, Evelin Weiß shared her experiences with the CoxaTrain and demonstrated: “The brace is unobtrusive under clothing.”

“Was it the back, the spinal discs or the hip? It all started about ten years ago. First with mild, dragging pain, which became denser. I wasn’t sure exactly where it came from. My colleagues noticed that my gait had changed. ‘You’re dragging your leg,’ they remarked. It’s going to be all right, I thought. But it didn’t. So when I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip two years ago, I was shocked. Osteoarthritis at my age, that can’t be right. The physician wanted to operate right away. For me, that was out of the question. I wanted to delay the time until possible surgery as long as I could. Last summer, I tried CoxaTrain for the first time. Now I wear it almost every day, at work and in everyday life. I wouldn’t want to go without it anymore. I got my life back. Before, it was very difficult to get out of bed in the mornings. Now I can walk and hike with it with only little pain. And wear something nice. The brace is quite unobtrusive under clothing, even under jeans, and others don’t even notice it. With CoxaTrain, I now have less acute pain. It allows me to continue to do my job well. At work, I can directly contribute my experience from wearing the brace and pass this information on to my customers. I’m able to advise them differently now, I better understand their fears and concerns or any reservations they may have about braces. It provides me with credibility to assure them that they will feel better with the CoxaTrain. At first, you need to be patient, it takes time until you see the full effect. Although I felt relief in the hip area right away, it was only after wearing it for a while that my mobility and gait improved, which my colleagues also noticed. To other hip patients, I would therefore say: stay active, use the brace, it will be worth your while.”

Jörg Roßkopf, 53, is Coach of the German National Table Tennis Team and a former double world champion. He was honored as ‘Coach of the Year’ by the International Table Tennis Federation in 2017. Increasing problems with his hip made him turn to CoxaTrain, which he now integrates into his daily exercise routine. 

What kind of hip problems do you have?

My underlying condition is bilateral hip dysplasia. Even as a young competitive athlete, it caused me discomfort. The bent posture and sideways movements during table tennis didn’t help exactly. However, through physical therapy and massages, I had the problems under control. It wasn’t until recent years that they became stronger. X-rays show degenerative changes, the long-term outlook is pointing toward replacing the joints. I don’t experience pain at rest, but I have muscular problems, especially in the hip flexors. These seem to have an impact on the back as well, which also hurts and is less mobile.

“No one should have to give up the sport they love.”

Jörg Roßkopf, Coach of the National Table Tennis Team

How does CoxaTrain help you?

It provides pleasant relief when walking after a long car ride or high-intensity workout. That is why I will also start wearing it during jogging. I’m very confident that I will be able to systematically incorporate the brace into my daily activities and after-work routine. The first experiences I’ve had with it were positive. I feel the effect on my muscles and find my gait has improved. In contrast to previous times, we now pay a lot of attention to adding compensatory training after one-sided strain during exercises in the weight room or at the table. I can also imagine using the CoxaTrain for this.

What specific goals do you want to achieve with the hip brace?

I know two young table tennis players, aged 19 and 21 years, one of them with hip dysplasia. Both of them had hip surgery. For me, I want to put that off as much as possible. I’m lucky because I got the necessary stabilizing muscles. Right now, with the CoxaTrain, I’m without acute pain and would like to keep it that way. I use it for balancing after peak loads, and I avoid unnecessary risks that put stress on my hip. And in addition to my young players and the topic of prevention, recreational sports are also close to my heart. Especially people in the age group between 50 to 80 benefit from an aid that offers relief and enables them to remain active throughout their lives. At age 50, no one should have to struggle to get out of bed in the morning or give up the sport they love. And that can be achieved.

Images: Bauerfeind/Andreas Wetzel

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