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Bodytronic measurement technology Measuring the body in its entirety

Issue 03/2020

Using Bodytronic measurement technology, medical retailers can measure the entire body – and subsequently provide patients not only with perfectly fitting compression stockings and foot orthoses, but also with supports and orthoses from ankle to shoulder.

Ob 2D-, 3D-, LRR- oder Druckmessung – bei der digitalen Erhebung von Körpermaßen zur passgenauen Patientenversorgung unterstützt Bodytronic-Technologie den Fachhandel präzise und auf vielfältige Weise.
Whether 2D, 3D, LRR or pressure measurement – our Bodytronic technology offers precise and versatile assistance for medical retailers with the digital recording of body measurements to ensure patients are supplied with products that fit perfectly.

For medical aids to be most effective, they have to fit perfectly. When measuring with digital technology, a standardized process ensures that measurements do not depend on an individual technician’s approach. It also guarantees that measuring is completed quickly. Furthermore, the measurement process is contact-free and comfortable. That is why Bauerfeind has been promoting digital measurement technology for a long time: in 2003, the company was the first manufacturer of medical aids to invest in the development of 3D technology for the measurement of body parts. Nowadays, the umbrella brand “Bodytronic” includes a wide range of measurement technology: whether 2D, 3D, LRR or pressure measurement – the systems offer quick and precise body measurements in different dimensions, graphic visualization of areas of strain and digital documentation of results. Sensor measurement plates and WLAN measuring soles are available to measure foot pressure, topography and gait. The foot scanner creates a two-dimensional digital blueprint. Using the infrared sensors of the Bodytronic 200, superficial vein function can be tested. The Bodytronic 400 to 610 3D scanners measure the relevant body parts without the need for contact. It only takes a few minutes to record precise body measurements, and it creates the right distance between the measuring technician and the person being measured, which is currently also required by hygiene regulations.

Clinically validated measurement accuracy

The medical retailer can digitally process the measurement data straight away and use it, for example, in the Bauerfeind online shop to order a product. Thanks to a software-based best fit analysis, the correct size of the medical product is suggested for the patient. For custom-made solutions, the data can be transmitted to Bauerfeind via an interface to enable the manufacture of made-to-measure products. The measurement accuracy of the Bodytronic 600 body scanners is clinically validated for this application. Reference values were supplied using computed tomography during tests at the Orthopedic Clinic and Polyclinic of the University of Rostock. In all sets of measurements, the average standard deviation in terms of circumference and length values was less than one percent. Digital measurement technology enables medical retailers to carry out measurements accurately, quickly and without the need for contact – a cost-effective solution that has no side effects.

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