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Bodytronic 610 at a medical supply retailer

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In short m&l Löser Orthopädie- Schuh und Technik GmbH demonstrates how modern measurement technology can be used to make their work more efficient and to create added value for the customer using Bodytronic 610. The team from South Thuringia has come up with something special for personal well-being.

  • Room-high photo wallpaper of the Thuringian Forest creates a relaxing backdrop for the measurement process.
  • The Bodytronic 610 full-body 3D scanner quickly provides us with exact and reproducible data that can be digitally processed straight away.
  • Other than the precision of measurement, Managing Director Stefan Möller also appreciates the measurement scope of Bodytronic 610 which covers the whole body from head to toe, including the arms.
  • For Maximilian Möller, who is responsible for company development, Bodytronic 610 is an essential part of the company’s digitization strategy across all branches.

Digitalization is advancing everywhere – at medical supply retailers, too. m&l Löser Orthopädie- Schuh und Technik GmbH shows how modern measurement technology can be used to increase working efficiently and to create added value for the customer. The team from South Thuringia has come up with something special for personal well-being.

Measurements are not particularly popular with customers. After all, who fancies being the center of attention while only in underwear? That’s why, when we redesigned our premises in Meiningen, it was important to us to create the most comfortable surroundings possible for the measurement process,” explains Maximilian Möller, who is responsible for company development at m&l Löser Orthopädie- Schuh und Technik GmbH. We can confirm that this mission was successfully accomplished as we enter the room and the sliding door closes behind us because at the same time, a full-height photo motif of Thuringia Forest comes into view. “We didn’t just want to create a privacy screen but also a feel-good moment. Instead of looking at a bleak frosted glass screen, our customers can now enjoy a view of their local landscape.”

Maximilian and Stefan Möller work on the digitalization of m&l Löser Orthopädie- Schuh und Technik GmbH together.

Digital data – quick, exact, reproducible

For the actual measurement process, the company relies on modern technology, Bauerfeind’s Bodytronic 610 full-body 3D scanner. “It quickly provides us with exact and reproducible data that we can process digitally straight away. We can, for example, order the appropriate product from the Bauerfeind online shop with the click of a mouse button, or we can copy data in a measurement sheet for the health insurance company,” says Maximilian Möller. Technology is nothing new for m&l. The company has been relying on digital solutions provided by Bauerfeind for about ten years. m&l uses Bodytronic primarily for compression products but also get the measurements for supports and braces. Managing Director Stefan Möller says: “It’s not just the accuracy of the measurements that is still improving, but also the extent has increased: Bodytronic 610 scans from the head to the toes, including the arms.” The system has become a very sought-after tool that is being used in three of their four branches. This means the company can perform several hundred digital measurements per year.

Keeping an open mind

Except for the branch in Oberhausen (North Rhine-Westphalia), m&l Löser Orthopädie- Schuh und Technik GmbH, with its main business in Bad Liebenstein and branches in Breitungen and Meiningen, is located in Thuringia. The business was founded in 1979 as a private tradesman establishment in the GDR and, since 2001, it has been run by Matthias Löser, son of the founder, and Stefan Möller as managing partners. With their team currently consisting of 30 staff, the two expert orthotists have gradually developed the company to offer complete care. Individual orthopedics and prosthetics, a home care wound area, a silicone workshop and the standard medical supply retail store were added to orthopedic shoe technology. Integrated physiotherapy complements the range, creating an interdisciplinary all-round package.

Maximilian Möller is now the next generation to work in the company. He is in charge of company development and played a crucial role in 2019 during the acquisition in Oberhausen. “We wanted to see how multi-branch operation would work over a longer distance. I used to live in North Rhine-Westphalia, so it made sense,” describes Maximilian Möller. His father adds: “Even if it might not be common in our industry, it works in other industries, too. The challenge was consistent digitalization.” The 54-year-old didn’t have any reservations. Long before this buzzword “digitalization” became fashionable, he was open to technical innovations, always looking for ways to make work more efficient.

Fully integrated and digitally connected to the branches in Thuringia: the Oberhausen branch in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Prepared for the future

“The future belongs to digitalization – in all areas, including ours,” Maximilian Möller says and he is quite sure about it. “The flow of customers will change, and patients will increasingly look for care and products using digital channels. You have to be prepared for that.” For the 28-year-old, digital workflows, processes or data exchange are indispensable components of all departments. Digital recording of data seamlessly fits into this strategy. The Bodytronic 610 measurement results are transferred from Oberhausen to Administration in Thuringia in real-time, where they are processed – in a quick and resource-conscious manner. This digital process is also very popular with customers. Short measurement times reduce strain, the precise 3D image on the screen conveys expertise and creates trust. Contact-free measuring is also a pleasant experience for customers. It was an important component of the hygiene concept during COVID in particular that meant customers could continue to receive care.

“By now, customers follow recommendations and directly ask for the digital measurement system,” says Stefan Möller. So he feels his company is perfectly equipped for the future with the Bodytronic 610. Bauerfeind represents quality and innovation not only when it comes to the provision of medical aids. Technology solutions, excellent service at all times as well as training offers for staff are also highly appreciated. And while leaving the measurement room depicting Thuringia Forest to go into the sales area, he mentions: “During the redesign of our sales premises, we also relied on Bauerfeind’s support and are extremely happy with the result.”

Bodytronic 610

With a space requirement of merely 1.6 square meters, the digital measurement system Bodytronic 610 allows precise, quick and contact-free measurement of the patient’s entire body. For the process, the customer stands on the platform, holds on to the height-adjustable handles and is rotated once. Using infrared pattern projection, the technology determines the 3D model of the body, then records its dimensions. Alongside numerous measurement data, the 3D model generated for the patient forms the basis for an accurate choice of sizes and products, thus ensuring a high degree of care quality. Thanks to its internet connectivity, the recorded data can easily be copied to the Bauerfeind online shop, where the appropriate products can be ordered. For more information about Bauerfeind’s measurement technology, please visit:

Images: Frank Steinhorst, Stefan Durstewitz

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