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New Bodytronic 610 3D scanner The digitized body

Issue 03/2018

Medical retailers are helping to ensure the provision of customized and made-to-measure prescription medical aids through the use of specialized measurement technology and associated consulting services. The new Bodytronic 610 measurement system supports Bauerfeind quality partners by offering an expanded deployment radius.
New features here include the option of selecting the upper body in addition to the lower body as the measurement range – with interfaces to the Bauerfeind online shop. In addition, a 3D model of the upper body can now be used to take measurements of the thorax and arms in order to determine the correct sizes for supports, orthoses, and compression arm sleeves, which can then be ordered immediately.

Upper-body measurements

Through their ability to measure the upper body, medical retailers can now utilize an additional key component that ensures efficient use of Bauerfeind measurement technology,” says Andreas Limbach, Head of Measurement Technology Product Management.
The measurement process itself remains the same, as patients still stand on a uniformly rotating measurement platform with the Bodytronic 610. Before the measurement process begins, the user selects the desired treatment product on the screen – for example compression knee stockings, pantyhose, or a spine support. Then, during the measurement process, sensors project a grid onto the selected measurement area, after which the device uses the data recorded to calculate the 3D model. The latter can then be used to derive the exact circumference and length measurements. These measurements serve as the basis for the size recommendation in the Bauerfeind online shop. “Our measurement systems make it possible to transfer measurements to the Bauerfeind online shop without having to change media,” Limbach explains. “The user then immediately receives a size recommendation for the selected product.” All Bauerfeind supports and orthoses for the upper body, i.e. for the wrists, elbows, shoulders, and back, as well as the VenoTrain soft and VenoTrain delight arm sleeves, can now be measured and ordered in a digital process. Technicians can also export the recorded body measurement data in a CAD/CAM-compatible standard format and then further process this data in a “digital plaster cast room,” thereby enabling the production of customized orthoses, shoe lasts, and perfect-fitting milled orthoses.

Less space required: the new Bodytronic 610 whole-body measurement system has a base area that’s 25 percent smaller than that of the predecessor model , the Bodytronic 600.
Less space required: the new Bodytronic 610 whole-body measurement system has a base area that’s 25 percent smaller than that of the predecessor model , the Bodytronic 600.

Hardware: space-saving, ergonomic, and practical

At 2.1 square meters, the base area of the Bodytronic 610 is 25 percent smaller than that of the Bodytronic 600, which means it takes up less space. Ergonomic benefits are offered by the device’s swivelling arm that holds a screen, mouse, and keyboard. Users can adjust the height of the control panel as needed and then return it to the previous height after use. The handgrips on the rail can also be adjusted in accordance with the patient’s height. A further practical feature allows users to connect other types of measurement devices to the Bodytronic 610 via USB ports.

Further information

on the Bodytronic 610 can be obtained via the e-mail address for the measurement technology service team:

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