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“A real asset for customer satisfaction”

The Bodytronic 410 3D measurement system 

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 17.06.2021

Story Check Paul Bständig GmbH from Austria has been using the Bodytronic 410 measurement system since fall 2020. Deciding factors included:

  • The compact design of the scanning system and the option for portable use
  • State-of-the-art technology with valid, reliable data as the foundation for the perfect fit
  • Simple, quick, contact-free measurements for supplying compression stockings, supports and braces

Thanks to its compact design, the Bodytronic 410 is not only suitable for use where there is little space.

Bständig, a long-standing Austrian company, has been working with the compact Bodytronic 410 3D body scanner since last year. Managing Director Jürgen Jester can clearly see its advantages: the space-saving design and mobile use allow a flexible application of the scanning system. Additionally, the valid measurement data ensures a great fit of supports and compression stockings – a definite advantage when it comes to customer satisfaction.

With 36 branches in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland and more than 400 employees, Paul Bständig GmbH is one of the biggest providers of preventive healthcare and nursing care products in Austria. The Bständig family is the fourth generation to run the family-owned business that was founded in 1912 and manages the company together with Jürgen Jester, MBA. Its range includes products for prevention and nursing care, fitness and wellness products as well as orthopedic medical aids and medical systems for hire. Physicians, staff and patients in hospitals as well as nursing homes and rehabilitation centers rely on the approximately 15,000 products the company offers. “Our success is based on high-quality products and services, qualified employees and the trust customers have had in Bständig for decades,” Managing Director Jürgen Jester explains. “This trust is also founded on the fact that our customized products in particular, such as compression stockings, braces and prostheses, fit perfectly and are therefore highly effective, which means they make everyday life significantly easier for those affected.”

Bständig plans on using the mobile system in various branches, too.

Flexible use

Paul Bständig GmbH uses state-of-the-art technology to determine the relevant body measurements for the provision of medical aids. The most recent example is the Bodytronic 410 3D body scanner, in connection with Bauerfeind’s functional user interface. “In the fall of 2020, we decided to get a Bodytronic 410. As an innovative, forward-thinking company, we want to use the new and enhanced version of the contact-free body scanner for our business as well. The many positive testimonials by users, in Germany in particular where the system is very popular, really convinced us before making the purchase,” Jürgen Jester points out. In addition, the 3D measurement system has many specific advantages, such as its special design: “The system’s compact, small design was a real plus for us because it can easily be used where there’s not much space,” Jürgen Jester reports. In fact, the space needed is a mere 1.60 meters by 1.60 meters. And once the measuring process has been completed, the small platform and the retractable scanner unit can simply be pushed aside or positioned upright. Thanks to its low weight of around 23 kilograms, it is also suitable for transport and mobile use. “We’re thinking of using the measurement system in our various retail outlets as well as for our field sales team during customer visits,” Jürgen Jester emphasizes.

“The system allows us to significantly increase the quality of our products and therefore our customers’ satisfaction.”
Jürgen Jester

 Rene Heinreichsberger and

Taking digital measurements for braces as well

At the moment, Bständig uses the Bodytronic 410 3D measurement system in one of its branches for supplying patients with circular-knit compression stockings. Further options for use are also available via the Bauerfeind user interface: the system can, for example, determine measurements and sizes for knee and ankle braces. “The option of using Bodytronic 410 for fitting a GenuTrain support, for example, is another huge advantage for us,” Jürgen Jester says. Bständig now uses the system between
10 and 15 times per week. It provides data that is crucial for the perfect fit of the medical products and their high degree of wearing comfort. “The quality of the data is absolutely reliable, and the measurement process is quick, too,” Jürgen Jester reports. It takes less than 30 seconds to obtain all measurement data required for thigh-high compression stockings. “For us, another advantage of the Bodytronic 410 is the objectivity of the measurement system because it always provides sound and valid data, no matter which user takes the measurements. That makes our work easier – much like the contact-free measurement taking pressure off our employees during the pandemic in particular.”

… Jürgen Jester, Managing Director of Bständig (on the right) rely on technological support when taking body measurements.

Against this backdrop, Jürgen Jester draws a positive first conclusion: “The system allows us to significantly increase the quality of our products and therefore our customers’ satisfaction. At the same time, this state-of-the-art system underscores our role as an innovative, forward-thinking company.”

Images: Martin Gröbner

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