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Added benefits for the knee “A bodyguard for the knee joint”

Issue 03/2019

He is the inventor of GenuTrain. For life, Professor Dr. med. Heinrich Hess talks about the knitted fabric, stays and pad in the new GenuTrain.

Bauerfeind life: What is special about the new knitted fabric in the eighth generation of GenuTrain?

Prof. Hess: It is more structured now. The hold on the skin has improved, maximizing the stabilizing effect of the support. The back of the knee is my favorite part. This is an area that poses a real challenge for all supports. We succeeded in making the back of the knee pleasantly soft and breathable without losing its hold.

The stays are often underestimated.

Prof. Hess: Which is unfortunate. Stays are a fundamental component for the fit and function of the support. They are now made from a special plastic that was thoroughly tested for material fatigue. The stays had to withstand countless bending and stretching motions without being damaged.

The Omega pad has now been given a “+”.

Prof. Hess: We are particularly proud of this. Our patented pad already has two “anti-pain trigger points”: the meniscus wings on both sides next to the patella at the height of the joint cavity, and the Hoffa pads below the patella. These now feature flexible silicone dots on the inside. This is a new extra benefit. As before, the meniscus wings provide a pain-relieving micromassage when walking. At the same time, the Hoffa spots interact with a structure that used to be entirely misunderstood and was often simply removed during operations: what is known as the Hoffa’s fat pad. Its known functions are incredibly varied. This is not just a fat pad. Its tasks include perception of stretching, pressure and pain sensations (see interview with Prof. Hammer, p. 20 and following). In Chinese acupuncture, it is known as the eye of the knee joint.
I would describe it as the bodyguard of the knee joint. With our Omega+ Pad, we are
also able to encourage the self-healing, anti-inflammatory metabolic processes that are attributed to the Hoffa’s fat pads.
This is an absolutely unique feature.

Image: Bauerfeind

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