Bauerfeind Phlebology Award

For an innovative study investigating
compression therapy in the field of phlebology

In association with the International Union of Phlebology (IUP), Bauerfeind AG, as a leading company in the field of compression treatment, has since 2001 been conferring the Bauerfeind Phlebology Award, which is endowed with prize money of € 20,000.

The presentation takes place as part of the World Congress or the Chapter Meetings of the UIP. The aim of the prize is to acknowledge an exceptionally interesting and innovative study design in the field of phlebology that has a connection to compression treatment. The prize money is there to finance such projects and will be distributed in tranches according to progress.

Applications for the Phlebology Award can be submitted to Bauerfeind AG. The assessment and selection of the submitted proposals is performed by an international jury made up of seven high-ranking participants, chaired by Prof. Kurosh Parsi, President of the IUP.

Application for the 12th Bauerfeind Phlebology Award

To participate you must have an idea for an excellent phlebological study design in the field of compression treatment.

Application papers:

  • Study protocol in accordance with the guidelines – Download guidelines
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of publications (at least 3 relevant publications within the last 5 years)

The closing date for applications is June 30th 2023. The conferment of the 12th Bauerfeind Phlebology Award will take place during the World Congress der UIP, September 17th to 21th, 2023 in Miami, USA.

If you have further questions about the Bauerfeind Phlebology Award and how to apply please contact:

Dr. rer. nat. Peggy Schneider

Bauerfeind AG
Triebeser Straße 16
07937 Zeulenroda-Triebes

Kasuo Miyake

Winner of the 2022 award – Prof. Kasuo Miyake1 & Prof. Fabricio Santiago2

1Miyake-Klinik, São Paulo, BR, 2Institut für Venous and Lymphatics Disease, Goiânia, BR

Titel of the study: „The Hairdressers Occupation oedema interventional – HOOI – Trial”

Together Prof. Kasuo Miyake from the Miyake-Clinic in São Paulo and Prof. Fabricio Santiago, Institute of Venous and Lymphatics Disease in Goiânia, received the award, which also comes with EUR 20,000 in prize money, for their research project on the influence of compression therapy on occupational oedema, specifically in hairdressers – a condition that is accompanied by high level of discomfort and concerns a large part of the population.

More Information

Previous winners of the Bauerfeind Phlebology Award

Prof. Mark S. Whiteley & PhD Emma Budd
Effect of compression treatment in patients with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS)

Prof. Alberto Caggiati – 2018
Skin sonography in swollen legs. Basic findings and effects of medical elastic compression stockings (MECS)

Dr. Gyözö Szolnoky – 2015
Elastic compression elicited beneficial cardiovascular effects: a complex clinical study in healthy, lymphedematous and lipedematous individuals

Dr. Christopher Richard Lattimer – 2013
Stocking Outflow Performance in Venous and Lymphatic Disease

M.D., PhD Dragan J. Milic – 2011
The influence of compression stockings in the prevention of venous disorders in pregnancy

Prof. Kornelia Böhler – 2009
Kompressionstherapie bei oberflächlicher Phlebitis (SVTP)

Dr. Roeland Ceulen – 2007
How to utilize compression therapy after ultrasound guided sclerotherapy with foam for the treatment of varicose veins. 

PD Dr. Christina Jeanneret – 2005
Gastrocnemius veins: Follow up under compression therapy and correlation to clinical symptoms

Dr. Susanna Heising – 2003
Apoptose und Mikroangiopathie der Haut: Bedeutung für die chronische venöse Insuffizienz 

Prof. Dr. Yared Herouy – 2001
Wirkung der Kompressionstherapie bei chronisch venöser Insuffizienz auf molekularbiologischer Ebene