Bauerfeind life magazine – issue 03/2022

Compression stockings·Venous disorders

“Compression stockings are my most important tool”

Standard cases in phlebological care

Compression stockings·Ulcus Cruris Venosum·Venous disorders

“Skin changes on the lower leg must be taken seriously”

Severe cases in phlebological care

Compression stockings·Venous disorders

Thinking in terms of solutions

Compression garments and customer loyalty


An ideal match

Post-operative follow-up care with CoxaTrain


Returning to a normal life with less acute pain

CoxaTrain for work and play


“The range of non-surgical hip treatment has been expanded”

Osteoarthritis study proves effectiveness of CoxaTrain brace


“The support helps patients return to daily activities faster”

GenuTrain after joint replacement

Meniscus tear·Supports

Wrestling with time

Meniscus tear treated with GenuTrain

Orthosis·Sports injuries·Supports

Acute care is crucial

Returning to sports in orthopedics

Knee pain·Orthosis·Sports injuries·Supports

Knee strain in competitive skiing

Swiss-Ski races with Bauerfeind

Measurement technology

Offering advice and support for our medical retail partners

Measurement Technology Customer Service

Back Pain·Orthosis·Supports

“We are giving people what they need”

Prevention for the back