Bauerfeind life magazine – issue 03/2021

Back Pain/ Supports

“A true all-rounder for basic therapy”

LumboTrain and LumboTrain Lady in cases of back pain

Back Pain/ Orthosis

“Detecting correlations”

SacroLoc pelvic brace in cases of impaired SI joint function

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

“Movement generates movement”

CoxaTrain in non-surgical treatment

Compression stockings/ Venous disorders

Proven edema reduction in the thigh area

The AG design of the VenoTrain ulcertec


“Expertly fitted”

Equipping medical supply retailers

Compression stockings/ Lymph and lipedema

Custom-made products for more quality of life

Italy: compression in cases of lipedema and lymphedema

Arthrosis/ Foot orthoses

“We’re achieving significant results”

Braces combined with foot orthoses to treat osteoarthritis of the knee

Measurement technology

“Both systems have high-tech specs”

Needs-based use of Bodytronic 610 and 600

Compression stockings/ Lymph and lipedema

Creating trust by caring

Pregnancy in cases of lipo-lymphedema


Excellent care

Medical care at the Olympics 2022

Compression stockings/ Venous disorders

“Only an evidence-based treatment concept makes sense”

Treating venous disorders in Germany – a look at the status quo

Compression stockings/ Venous disorders

Easy conversation starters

Surveying quality of life in patients with vein problems

Compression stockings/ Venous disorders

Significant effects even after one week

A study on compression therapy and quality of life

Compression stockings/ Venous disorders

A valued all-day companion

VenoTrain micro during everyday life