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AirLoc ankle brace

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 13.04.2022


The new AirLoc provides maximum protection and comfort to patients with acute ankle ligament injuries. When worn in shoes, the stabilizing brace immediately protects against painful movements and repeat trauma. Its shells are anatomically contoured, and it is cushioned on the inside with ribbed foam in a soft microfiber top cover to ensure optimum wearing comfort. Its Velcro straps, which are also anatomically contoured, go around the ankle and calf. They take the conical shape of the lower leg into account to prevent the brace from constricting when it is secured on the leg.

Compression at the push of a button: integrated pump (top) and valve (bottom) for the air cushion.

Easily adjustable air cushioning

Ankle trauma is usually associated with severe swelling. For pain reduction and targeted compression following the RICE rule (RICE = rest, ice, compression, elevation), an air cushion is incorporated in the AirLoc on the outside of the foot below the foam.

An integrated pump and valve control the adjustment of the air cushion – quick and easy at the push of a button – so the fitted brace can be individually adapted to the level of swelling.

One-size-fits-all solution for immediate relief

In addition to the adjustable air cushioning, the elastic connection of the two shells under the heel bone ensures the perfect fit. It automatically adapts to the individual width of the foot and the level of swelling.

This means that the AirLoc can be offered in one universal size suitable for the left as well as the right foot, therefore saving storage space. The accident insurance consultant, the orthotist and not least of all the patient, who is in acute pain, all benefit from this.

Practical immediate protection for emergency treatment: the AirLoc is available in a universal size for the right and left foot.

Images: Bauerfeind

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