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The Bauerfeind subsidiaries met for the second time this year in Zagreb, Croatia, in September (pictured here: a visit to a Bauerfeind flagship store). The representatives of the subsidiaries also had something to celebrate, as Bauerfeind has been successfully selling its products in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia for 15 years now – since 2003. Sales in Macedonia and Slovenia began shortly afterwards. Today, Bauerfeind Adria employs more than 300 men and women and is the biggest Bauerfeind AG subsidiary. Along with the classic products from the Bauerfeind portfolio, which are sold in company-owned stores, Bauerfeind Adria also offers rehabilitation and prosthetic products, as well as medical aids for people suffering from diabetes, decubitus, and incontinence. “We have accomplished a great deal over the last 15 years,” said Slobodan Brezak, Managing Director of Bauerfeind Adria, during the meeting in Zagreb. “For this, I would especially like to thank our dedicated employees and our customers.”

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Images: Racine Imagine/Galien

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