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Integrated treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee: Preservation, one step at a time

Is it possible to treat osteoarthritis of the knee in a way that is suitable for the condition’s stage and the patient’s age and level of activity? The answer is yes. Whenever there is a chance to take a conservative approach, joint-preserving treatment can be carried out one step at a time: integrated and tailored to the patient’s requirements – in the area of orthopedics with foot orthoses, stabilizing supports and relieving orthoses – coordinated between the medical supply retailer and prescribing physician.

Expertise on osteoarthritis of the knee at medical supply retailers Uninhibited mobility

Demographic change can often be noticed on the knee – as can be seen at medical supply retailers. Active and less active customers alike hope for fewer problems. Relieving orthoses provide new mobility in cases of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee at medical supply retailers “We have to explore new horizons”

Andreas Bartsch, member of the management team, Fendel & Keuchen in Aachen Germany, believes that the appropriate treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee must also include in-depth dialog – with customers, insurance providers, physicians and gyms.

Individual treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee “The patient sets the agenda”

Cartilage damage or even degeneratively advancing osteoarthritis? Stage 2, 3, or even 4? For Dr. med. Martin Schiweck from Aachen Orthopedics Clinic in Germany, the patient’s problems and goals are the most important aspects when taking a case history to ensure finding the best treatment solution.

Long-term treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee “Foot orthoses can positively influence osteoarthritis”

In the opinion of Dr. med. Bertram Geigner, Medical Director at Bad Steben Rehabilitation Center, Germany, orthopedic foot orthoses play an important role in the conservative treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. During our interview, the specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery explains how they can help balance muscle structures and reduce pain.

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