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90 years of Bauerfeind: Focus on the individual

An osteoporosis orthosis that does not ride up when you sit down or move around. A compression stocking that breathes with the skin and fits smoothly. A foot orthosis that supports the natural heel-to-toe movement of the feet and corrects the gait. Innovative medical devices take into account patients’ specific needs. For their development , Bauerfeind relies on its technological know-how and finds solutions in terms of materials and design …

Osteoporosis self-help with the Spinova Osteo Understanding patients’ needs

Karin G. Mertel has represented the interests of osteoporosis patients for 27 years. A key demand of the chairperson of Netzwerk Osteoporose e. V. is: participation. A straightening orthosis can help here.

Osteoporosis treatment with the Spinova Osteo A secure fit

He was looking for something that fitted better when the wearer sat down, and he provided one of the initial sparks for developing the Spinova Osteo. Dr. med. Peter Schorr, orthopedist and osteologist from Vitarium Therapiecentrum in Dillingen, Saarland, Germany, can see proof of the viability of this idea on a daily basis.

Microfibers in compression stockings Ultra-fine and highly functional

Particularly in summer, some patients find it difficult to wear their compression stockings regularly. If, however, these have a high microfiber content , heat and moisture are accumulated to a lesser extent. This increases the level of wearing comfort considerably. The integration of the fine fibers is challenging in this respect. Bauerfeind solved this problem almost 25 years ago and put the first compression stocking of this type on the market.

ErgoPad weightflex “The foot orthosis acts like a trampoline”

If the mobility of the tarsal bones is restricted, this can lead to considerable discomfort. life spoke with Dr. med. Frank-Detlef Stanek about the movement mechanisms in the foot and the activating ErgoPad weightflex foot orthosis. He is a physician in private practice and a specialist for physical and rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine and chirotherapy from Jena, Germany.

SecuTec OA for osteoarthritis of the knee A great range of options for a joint decision

Whether it be dike construction or medicine: the Dutch appreciate technology that is associated with quality of life. At a location that was once …

Back orthoses for a fighter Invictus – wounded, yet undefeated

Submariners are no fair-weather sailors. Ups and downs are part of their life. What happened to Derek Speirs, though, was even beyond his …

Compression treatment of lipedema and lymphedema “There is still a great need for education”

Tailor-made compression products that patients feel good in and which they accept: this is the objective the medical supply retailer Schadock in …

Lipedema and lymphedema in the gynecological practice The best medicine: lymphatic drainage, compression and swimming

Tension and tenderness in the arms and legs, differences in circumference in the extremities – in her gynecological practice with an oncology …

VenoTrain soft S No more pressing folds

Medical compression stockings improve venous reflux, but are not usually designed for the special requirements of people who spend most of their …

The SofTec Genu for complex knee instabilities “Evidence is good, but being able to feel it is better”

The age and requirements of the customers change. The Klinz medical supply retailer in Bernburg (Saale), Germany, rediscovers a tried-and-tested …