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Customized treatment is crucial for ensuring patient compliance: Fits, sits right , helps!

Personalized medicine is the buzzword these days and also one of the most innovative fields of medical research. The idea here is to offer patients more targeted and successful care through the use of customized medical treatments. This makes sense, since every person is unique and has their own individual physical characteristics and needs …

Compression therapy in line with individual requirements Symptom-based stocking selection

Medical compression stockings are part of the basic therapy for vein problems. Whenever they’re prescribed, however, they must always be tailored to the patient’s individual requirements, says Dr. Stefanie Reich-Schupke, a professor of phlebology at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.

New Bodytronic 610 3D scanner The digitized body

Medical retailers are helping to ensure the provision of customized and made-to-measure prescription medical aids through the use of specialized measurement technology and associated consulting services. The new Bodytronic 610 measurement system supports Bauerfeind quality partners by offering an expanded deployment radius.

Custom-made supports for elbows, knees and ankles Totally custom-made

Medical aids can only be 100-percent effective if they fit properly. Along with its finely differentiated standard size system, Bauerfeind therefore also offers custom-made active supports for elbows, knees, and ankles.

Bauerfeind brand ambassador Dirk Nowitzki “Listening to the signals your body sends you”

Basketball star Dirk Nowitzki is 2.13 meters tall. While that may be an advantage on the court, it can have some drawbacks when it comes to clothing or hotel beds. Bauerfeind’s brand ambassador spoke with life about size, custom-made medical aids, physical stress in professional sports, and his ties to his team, the Dallas Mavericks.

Use of SecuTec OA to treat severe varus deformity “You can’t do that with just any orthosis“

The pronounced axis misalignment of Gerald Thieme’s leg presents a challenge for gonarthrosis orthosis therapy. Ralf Müller from the saXcare medical supply retailer in Chemnitz, Germany, is amazed by the range of treatment options offered by the new SecuTec OA.

Clinical study on VenoTrain angioflow Effective and secure

Compression therapy can in some cases be used to treat both vein problems and early-stage peripheral arterial disease. A clinical study on the …

Hungary Men’s National Handball Team Standing their ground

The team physician of the Hungarian National Handball Team prescribes TRIactive foot orthoses to his players – for more foot and ankle stability. …

Treating diabetic foot syndrome (DFS) “The pressure must go!”

Treating diabetic foot ulcers is no easy matter. Avoiding amputations, preventing the formation of new ulcers, and keeping the patient’s quality …

Train supports in sports physiotherapy Numbers don’t lie

Treating patients is one thing; conducting research and incorporating research results into physiotherapy techniques is something completely …

Bauerfeind treatment app Training anytime

Anyone who uses GenuTrain, GenuTrain A3, GenuTrain P3, or GenuPoint now receive a treatment app along with their knee support. The app, which is …

Treatment app for knee supports “A digital tool we can build upon”

Joshua Schirm helped developed the new Bauerfeind exercise program. In the following interview, Schirm, a physiotherapist with his own practice …