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New brace for osteoarthritis of the hip: Hip mobility

It is a problem and challenge at the same time: osteoarthritis of the hip. One in four people aged over 60 in western industrialized countries suffer from this condition, presenting with all sorts of symptoms. Where should we start to combat this condition? How to alleviate the pain? Bauerfeind gets the hip moving: the Coxa Train relieves the joint, relaxes the muscles and stabilizes the overall pelvic structure …

Treating venous disorders in Germany – a look at the status quo “Only an evidence-based treatment concept makes sense”

Together with his team, Professor Dr. Matthias Augustin from Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital in Germany continuously analyzes the treatment of venous disorders – with a decisive focus on quality of life.

Surveying quality of life in patients with vein problems Easy conversation starters

In order to measure the quality of life of patients suffering from venous disorders, increasing numbers of physicians are using specific questionnaires. They are the perfect starting point for a conversation about what currently puts the highest burden on those affected.

A study on compression therapy and quality of life Significant effects even after one week

Asking patients about their quality of life with ten questions: Bauerfeind conducted a practical test. In a study conducted over four weeks, the “Impact of medical compression stockings on quality of life and leg pain in patients with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)” was examined

VenoTrain micro during everyday life A valued all-day companion

A sassy short hairstyle. An infectious laugh. And an astonishing life-affirming charm – despite vein problems: Wiebke Borgolte has been wearing Bauerfeind compression stockings since her mid-20s. She is “infinitely grateful” for the VenoTrain micro.

LumboTrain and LumboTrain Lady in cases of back pain “A true all-rounder for basic therapy”

Be it as a first measure during ongoing diagnostics or as a long-term follow-up treatment after spine surgery – Dr. med. Philip Lübke, …

SacroLoc pelvic brace in cases of impaired SI joint function “Detecting correlations”

In cases of low back pain, the sacroiliac joint is an influencing factor more often than may be expected. If left untreated, dysfunctions pose a …

CoxaTrain in non-surgical treatment “Movement generates movement”

The CoxaTrain is a long-awaited innovation for non-surgical treatment in cases of osteoarthritis of the hip. This brace allows patients to get …

The AG design of the VenoTrain ulcertec Proven edema reduction in the thigh area

The VenoTrain ulcertec compression stocking system has been designed for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. For patients where the edema has …

Equipping medical supply retailers “Expertly fitted”

From the first impression to an extended stay – whether a customer is comfortable in a store also depends on its design. The Bauerfeind …

Italy: compression in cases of lipedema and lymphedema Custom-made products for more quality of life

Treating patients with lipedema and lymphedema requires sensitivity and expertise. In a self-payer market, such as Italy, the quality of both the …