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“Our customers are becoming increasingly health-conscious”

Bauerfeind products at John Bell & Croyden

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Story Check The product range of John Bell & Croyden has included Bauerfeind products for over a year now.

  • Products for a health-aware lifestyle are in ever greater demand at the traditional London-based company.
  • The store keeps the GenuTrain knee support, the ViscoSpot heel cushion and the VenoTrain micro compression stockings in stock. Further products are available by order.
  • John Bell & Croyden is a ‘Royal Warrant’ holder.

Boasting a royal warrant as pharmacists to Her Majesty the Queen and exquisite beauty, health, and wellness centers, the long-established company John Bell & Croyden is truly a London institution. It has also been selling Bauerfeind products for over a year.

Gleaming marble floors, perfectly lit rooms, stylish furniture, and the right products for everyone – shopping in 50-54 Wigmore Street is undoubtedly a very special experience. Over the course of its history, spanning over 220 years, John Bell & Croyden has evolved into London’s leading pharmacy and healthcare business. There are quite a few companies outright fighting to be listed there with their products.
A few years ago, the premises in central London were completely renovated. Now, it not only features a spacious shop floor, but also its own specially established treatment rooms where customers can seek medical advice. There is a physician on site for patients who need an urgent medical appointment. Specialists are also on hand to provide services such as dental hygiene, pedicures or osteopathy.

Shopping on 50-54 Wigmore Street in London is quite an experience. The long-standing pharmacy’s product range also includes health, beauty and wellness products.

Customers are more focused on prevention

“Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that more people are investing in their health than ever before,” says Alexander Johnston, Sales & Revenue Manager at John Bell & Croyden. “Younger people in particular are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “As a result , we’ve adapted our range to suit our customers’ changing needs. We’re seeing a rising demand for products that prevent illnesses or injuries and, as our customers have increasingly active and adventurous lifestyles, a growing need for information on preventative measures and products. Health, fitness, and exercise are high up in their priorities.”
Since the beginning of 2018, a number of shelves in the healthcare section have been stocked with the GenuTrain knee support , viscoelastic ViscoSpot heel cushions, and VenoTrain micro compression stockings. Bauerfeind could receive orders for additional products such as the GenuTrain P3 or other compression stockings from the VenoTrain range at any time.
But how did this partnership come about? “As a Royal Warrant holder, ensuring that the products we sell are effective and of premium quality is of paramount importance. Bauerfeind’s excellent reputation in the field of compression stocking treatment brought the company’s products to our attention in general ,” explains Mr. Johnston. “Bauerfeind is a long-established company too. As a provider of first-class medical products, they place great value on quality, which fits nicely into our own philosophy.” Their customers’ growing interest in “Made in Germany” medical aids proves the Sales & Revenue Manager’s point.

Intensive product training provided by Bauerfeind UK

Alexander Johnston, Sales & Revenue Manager at John Bell & Croyden.

John Bell & Croyden sells around 85 percent of Bauerfeind products over the counter, most of which are standard products sold on an off-the-shelf basis. “However, we expect to be supplying even more customers with made-to-measure products,” says Mr. Johnston. Around 15 percent of customers come with a private prescription. “Some private physicians, who know that we sell compression stockings, often refer their patients to our specially trained advisors, for example.” Naturally, Bauerfeind UK considered it an honor to provide its own training services to sales personnel and instruct them on the functions and correct measurement of their orthopedic and phlebological medical aids. “The support we received from the Bauerfeind team was truly exemplary”, says Mr. Johnston.

Compression stockings in high demand

The GenuTrain knee support is still the best seller among the Bauerfeind medical aids on sale, but Alexander Johnston sees particularly great potential in the VenoTrain range: “Compression stockings are increasingly popular products for us. More and more customers are using them for fitness and rehabilitation purposes, while traveling, after surgery, or simply to feel good. I believe that when people experience the positive effect compression stockings can have, the list of reasons to buy them will become virtually endless.”
The Sales & Revenue Manager knows that lot of sales employees at John Bell & Croyden wear VenoTrain compression stockings themselves at work: “It stops their legs from getting so tired. Some of my colleagues also love to wear the compression stockings when exercising, for example running or cycling. They swear by them!”
There is just one question remaining to ask the prestigious company, which has been an official pharmacist to the Royal Household for decades: have any Bauerfeind products been delivered to Buckingham Palace? For British manager Alexander Johnston, there can be only one answer to this question, which he delivers with an obliging smile: “we couldn’t possibly comment!”

Images: Headshot Soho, John Bell & Croyden

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